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New Profile Posts

  1. mbarton
    hi. my animated boot logo, which used to spell out the word DroidBox now just says MBOX when it boots up. any thoughts please.
  2. Aannie
    I have a mxq pro and now my remote won't work. How do I shutdown the box? Is there an addon I can install
    1. Aannie
      Have tried next to the power icon button, there is only an "exit" button
      Mar 16, 2017
  3. BarleyH
    Hey I am new here ;)
  4. Nick St John
    Nick St John
    Brand new member eager to purchase my first smart box. Looking at T8-S plus v2. Any advice much welcomed!
  5. Claire Harrop
    Claire Harrop
    Claire Harrop- Unable to watch anything on droidbox-Message in top left hand corner states 'Locating by network'. Help!!
  6. CynthiaMason009
    I'm trying to download the Netflix app on my Android google play tells me Authentication is required, sign into your Google account.Help.
  7. MikeLayne
    MikeLayne Hightone10
    My Android TV box is not coming out the blue light I even tried unplugging it and plugging it back up still does not work does not have a power button on the box only comes on with remote no response dead what can I do to fix it?
    1. Nigelar
      Post in the section of the forum related to your droidbox and someone will probably be able to help.
      Jan 23, 2017
  8. MikeLayne
    My mxq Android box is not coming on at all! no light at all! with remote; no power button on box; what can I do to fix it?
  9. Mairi
    Watching movies kinda day
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  10. rogginator
    Hello All. I'm new to Droidbox.
  11. Santosh Kulabkar
    Santosh Kulabkar 8bitDev
    Hi brother,
    my name is santosh facing issue with kodi 16.1 version for TV option. I have purchased TX 8 Max andriod box.Please guide me how to enable it. I need to use TV from my andriod box i tried to enable IPTV PVR CLIENT but failed to do so
    1. 8bitDev
      Jan 14, 2017
  12. Santosh Kulabkar
    Santosh Kulabkar David Savage
    Hi David,
    my name is santosh facing issue with kodi 16.1 version for TV option. I have purchased TX 8 Max andriod box.Please guide me how to enable it.
  13. Andrew McCalla
    Andrew McCalla
    Is their any formula to installing a add-on? Also live to watch films.
  14. Andrew McCalla
    Andrew McCalla
    I,m a big tennis fan and I would like to install some add-ons to my droidbox t8s and also would like to watch the Australian open live.
  15. Andrew McCalla
    Andrew McCalla
    Hi guys,I am totally new to all of this and I was wondering if anyone could help me please.
  16. nalamu nahell
  17. Paul Harnett
    Paul Harnett
    Total beginner.... Trying to find out how to start a new thread but still no joy
  18. AndyW
    No sound? I have an Onkyo TX-SR603E receiver. connected T8 s to the tv with HDMI cable & used the optical output to connect to the receiver.
  19. AndyW
    Newbee - need some help with T8 s plus set up.
  20. Jack1948
    Jack1948 8bitDev
    Can anybody help weather app does not save my location t8-s plus thanks
    1. Nigelar
      Have you updated with the latest ota release? That fixed the weather thing (mostly)
      Dec 18, 2016
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