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New Profile Posts

  1. Sam Miller
  2. The guyver
    The guyver
    Own 27 fully working and mint consoles been collecting for 22 years, from Atari jaguar cd, 3do,to my ps pro.
  3. Deckdemon
    New a95x max box delivered. Powered up for 40 seconds then it died. Any help please pissed off customer.
  4. Asad khan
  5. Asad khan
  6. Ferma
    I have a constant display of the LOG MEM CPU number how can i delet it please
    1. Nigelar
      Post in the relevant part of the forum for your box and you will get an answer.
      Apr 15, 2020
  7. Andy Swan
    Andy Swan
    My GBA roms have disappeared going through ReGBA takes me to FBA emulator ROMs but I haven't changed anything
  8. michael hirons
    michael hirons
    complete beginner so will need some help setting up
  9. Hardeep Zheng
    Hardeep Zheng
    i want to be a ...
  10. Steve Ovell
    Steve Ovell
    New to forum. RG350 owner
  11. dartmouthstoner4life
    im using h96 max x2 4g 32g
  12. dartmouthstoner4life
    my bluetooth keeps turinng itself off. i uninstalled the bluetooth apk and reinstalled a bluetooth apk but it still does the same thing.
  13. Pete Biddlecombe
    Pete Biddlecombe
    Loving the RG350....waiting for new PocketGo2!
  14. NJhetao
    seeing is believing
  15. b-boy_steve
  16. b-boy_steve
    Stavros Stamatelopoulos
  17. Bud
    Need help i have a t95m android box and every time i try and open an app it reboots please help any one
  18. Luciano Gardim
    Luciano Gardim
    Tetris World Champion (in my mind).
  19. Stuart ronald
    Stuart ronald
    Thanks for the add
  20. Larry Garcia
    Larry Garcia
    Hello! I recently was given an MXQPRO4. I’m trying to pair to my iPhone as I don’t have WiFi. Won’t pair up