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    Screen Recorders

    Hi Can you list some of them that you tried so we could check? Can you factory reset your box which will return it to its defaults settings and try again? You can do wipe data/factory reset from recovery menu by looking at the procedure down below...
  2. 8bitDev

    Cannot get back to homepage

    Hi You can go to recovery menu and from there do wipe data/factory reset and reboot to Android afterwards. https://droidbox.co.uk/how-to/accessing-your-droidboxs-recovery-menu/ Regards
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    video playback and Android Boxes

    Hi Take a note that RCA to 3.5mm audio jack cables do exist in both male and female variants . Regards
  4. 8bitDev

    video playback and Android Boxes

    Hi If you are using SPDIF to 3.5mm converter and it gives you only 2 or 2/1 audio channels it is either due to TV settings or hardware related issue/firmware design to simply do such. Connecting to the box should be fine,feel free to let us know if any issue arises in the meantime or if...
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    video playback and Android Boxes

    Hi Yes that is correct,you can cycle thrtough hdmi,PCM and SPDIF audio option.The easiest method would be however if possible to set any audio system that you have through the TV and then let the hdmi pass through the audio signal to the box,just a personal preference due to ease of use and...
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    video playback and Android Boxes

    Hi The box have passive cooling which is enough for today's modern arm CPUs. When it comes to USB ports box have 3 of those + an SD card slot and if that is not enough you can always connect a USB dongle to it in order to get more USB ports if needed. On amazon we have bundles with additional...
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    video playback and Android Boxes

    Hi One of our newest boxes T8 SE may be what you are looking for.Spec vise it does suits what you are referring to and does come as dualboot(Android and LibreELEC). Take a note that Kodi can play local files,add external subtitles and change the color of such,all as you mention but not just...
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    Problems since new...

    Hi Can you try to replace the firmware per guide down below,it should fix the issues for you.First use the SD card based method and if the problem is not fixed(which occur rarely)try another PC based method https://droidboxforums.com/threads/firmware-links-for-t8-s-plus-v1-devices.10001/ Regards
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    Local Network connection

    Hi It is weather widget app that is connected to the server which does not find the location(does not work)at the moment.You can ignore the widget or install 3rd party launcher from google play store if customization is preferable to you. Regards
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    T8 MINI - Kodi Version advice Please

    Hi You can take a look at BETA non official section on the T8 Mini board so you can update to the most recent version manually.Regarding Kodi on Android you can update to the latest release through google play store. Regards
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    Mirroring tv from iPad Air to T8SE

    Hi You mentioned that you are abroad using VPN so this is why i mentioned that it runs over local network only. Regards
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    Mirroring tv from iPad Air to T8SE

    Hi DroidBOX Share is made to be used over local network only. Regards
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    Top 10 GPD XD PlayOn games for 2nd February 2018

    Geometry Dash SubZero Geometry Dash is back with a brand new adventure! Jump in, brace yourself, and get ready for a real challenge! This won't be easy... Game Features • Rhythm-based Action Platforming! • Three unique levels with amazing music from MDK, Bossfight and Boom Kitty! • Unlock...
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    Top 10 GPD XD PlayOn games for 2nd February 2018

    Legendary Heroes MOBA Every War has its Heroes … Some Heroes become Legends. The greatest battle of all time has begun. Heroes from all universes are invited to show their power and prove which is the best team. Controls: Touch for UI and Gameplay. Download Link...
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    Dropbox Market app downloading problem

    Hi The error has been noted and we are working on fixing the issue at the moment. Regards
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