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Aug 1, 2020
Jul 14, 2014
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Aug 1, 2020
    1. steross
      Hi my x7 ultimate wont reboot after holding down reset i followed instructions and nothing happens just a blank screen
      1. David Savage
        David Savage
        If your box is from droidbox try there live chat on there main site. It's the small box that pops up.
        Oct 8, 2016
      2. David Savage
        David Savage
        Monday to Friday office hours only.
        Also try the reset again, as sometimes it doesn't work on your 1st attempt.
        Oct 8, 2016
    2. johnx472
      iv been trying to get a full refund all weekend
      1. David Savage
        David Savage
        Has this been sorted now...
        Oct 8, 2016
    3. Batco22
      Hi there

      Very new to all of this and having no luck in adding addons etc. Really don't have a clue what I'm doing.

      Please can you help me.

      Really showing my age now and feel very old.

      1. Nigelar
        Sep 16, 2016
        Batco22 likes this.
    4. Katie Kelly
      Katie Kelly
      Hi I am having a problem with my mxq box it was working then the screen went black and went normal again I turned it of to go to bed tried to turn it back on no go, I didn't buy the box from droidbox nor Amazon or eBay a friend of mine bought it from a seller on adverts.. I have tried the toothpick reboot won't work is there anything you can do to help me?!
    5. kcbc
      kcbc need help with my M8-S droid box, click on online video from home then click on kodi, goes on tv addons stays for a minute and then throws me back on home screen. This first problem on droid box.
      1. Nigelar
        Do you mean droidbox T8-S as far as I know droidbox do not supply the M8-S? it sounds like a memory issue. Start by clearing cache using the xunity maintenance tool or clear cache in android settings - apps - kodi. Consider deleting any unwanted apps. Move any media files to offline storage. In Es file explorer, run the sd card analysis tool to check where storage is being used (normally temp files).
        Jan 5, 2016
    6. alistair
      hi has the problem with the T8-S droid box booting into recovery mode been resolved ? this has happened after pressing the openelec button
    7. alistair
      hi every one has the problem with the T8-S booting into recovery mode been solved yet ?
    8. Bowesie
      Anybody out there with help?
    9. Bowesie
      I have a Droidbox T8 but when I use the email addon, how can I open files that have been sent to me and how can I open photos ? all I have is a large square with what looks like a tiny photo in the middle but I cant open it to reveal the full photo
    10. Keith
      i have the imx6 wich was the most expensive box you have but i carnt get it to work properly
      how do i update to kodi and the firmware up date i have the invoice from xbmcgadgethub witch gives me the droidbox site can you point me in the right direction please

      ta Keith
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