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  1. BenDroiX

    A95x F4 android tv box

    It's a bit difficult to tell what you're asking, sorry. If the box doesn't work at all, what point is there in keeping it? If I had an entirely non-functional device and I was still covered by PayPal or some other protection, you can bet I'd push for a refund of a full replacement.
  2. BenDroiX

    How to install ArkOS on your ANBERNIC RG351 Handheld

    Something like Raspberry Pi Imager could work. Although I believe in any common Linux distro you might be able to just perform the actions directly through the console. I'm not a Linux user personally though, so take it with a grain of salt ;)
  3. BenDroiX

    How to get and install ROMS to handhelds

    I would imagine it's not too different from running other PC-98 games on the system. The custom firmware 351ELEC has a PC-98 emulator, but apparently the Touhou games are just a tad outside of the handheld's reach for "good" performance. There's some footage of 4/5 being played on an RG351P, but...
  4. BenDroiX

    Watching 4k streams on 4k TV via T95 box

    Yeah, then it's almost certainly something wrong with the streaming provider. Assuming you're not changing anything on your side between streams. Because of the nature of these streams (and the fact that a lot of them could just be shut down overnight at the snap of a finger) they're not...
  5. BenDroiX

    How to get and install ROMS to handhelds

    I fixed the RG350 link. But the GKD350H and RG300 aren't being sold by us anymore, so we took the listings down. The RG300 was just like an RG351V but weaker and without a stick. The GKD350H was like a -slightly- more juiced up RG350. But poor build quality (only one stick, and no L2/R2)...
  6. BenDroiX

    Installing and playing PS1 and N64 games on x12 console.

    As I mentioned in the reply above yours, unfortunately there's no way the X12 will be able to handle PS1/N64 games. It just doesn't have the horsepower for it. :(
  7. BenDroiX

    Mouse Support?

    I -think- the AYA NEO has a button somewhere on the front that acts as a toggle for mouse mode, like the OneXPlayer. You might have to hold it for a few seconds. I can't confirm right now unfortunately. It's a super popular device and basically sold out overnight, so we don't have any laying...
  8. BenDroiX

    Watching 4k streams on 4k TV via T95 box

    It could be related to the provider, perhaps. "Grey" area IPTV apps are fraught with random technical issues on the provider's end. Perhaps a bit is flipped wrong, perhaps the connection quality isn't good, etc. Are you using big-name services like Youtube, Netflix, etc and still getting these...
  9. BenDroiX

    Gpd xd ribbon cable

    I think we *might* still have one or two spare cables kicking around in our workshop. Send an email to and someone will be able to take a look for you.
  10. BenDroiX


    Do you perhaps have the device in the "keyboard" mode (if you hold the on-screen keyboard button, it changes what the inputs register as)? Additionally, maybe the built-in controller isn't being detected as something those applications are compatible with. Some controller emulators/re-mappers...
  11. BenDroiX

    Ldk trouble shooting

    The easiest way to figure out if it's the firmware or hardware is to swap SD cards. If the problems persist when you've tried multiple microSD cards and firmware installations, the issue almost certainly lies with the unit itself somehow. Mind telling us how you fixed it? It'd be useful for...
  12. BenDroiX

    Charging the RG351V

    Is the charger you're using capable of regular 5v/2a output, or is it one of those "fast chargers"? The RG351V doesn't play nice with the latter.
  13. BenDroiX

    Not connecting via Ethernet

    Honestly sounds like it could be a defective ethernet port. I'd advise contacting the original seller for further guidance (if it's us, reach out at
  14. BenDroiX

    Installing and playing PS1 and N64 games on x12 console.

    Are you talking about the Powkiddy X12? Like this one? Unfortunately just based on the time it came out and it's price today (like $40-$80) there's absolutely no way it'll be able to handle PS1 or N64 games unfortunately. If you're looking for a retro gaming handheld that can deal with PS1...
  15. BenDroiX

    Windows key

    Are you saying Windows is not activated? If it doesn't activate the first time, try hitting the "Troubleshoot" button that comes up in the Activation sub menu. Pretty much all GPD devices should be...
  16. BenDroiX

    Kodi 19.1 keeps self deleting from android box

    This is definitely an odd issue. Are any other apps being deleted automatically, or is it just Kodi? Have you tried installing Kodi via an APK directly instead of the Play Store? Have you considered a factory reset (or perhaps a firmware reflash) as well? Could be something shaky with the...
  17. BenDroiX

    Backup software

    I think apps are stored in /system/app and /data/app. on the device's internal storage. If you can grab some generic file browsing app, you should probably be able to grab them and copy them over to a USB/SD card that way. Can't say it's 100% foolproof though.
  18. BenDroiX

    Windows 11

    The Windows 11 situation is still honestly completely vague at this point. Recently Microsoft appear to have gone back on their word on the TPM requirement. We'll indicate devices are Windows 11 compatible...
  19. BenDroiX

    GPD Win2 Overheating?

    Are the fans restricted at all when you play? If the device isn't crashing then there's no cause for alarm really. The Win 2 naturally runs very hot when gaming however, even if it's not high-end titles.
  20. BenDroiX

    Real Debrid and content

    Realistically I see one of two options: A) You set up a home server B) Perhaps some file hosting site like MEGA or Dropbox would work. If possible, create trial accounts to check if it works fundamentally (use small video files/etc.). Then maybe go all in if paid accounts alleviate bandwidth...
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