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  1. BenDroiX

    faulty gtr

    Hi there! Checking the email of this account and comparing it with our internal records shows that we've already set up a return for this device. Send it back to us at your earliest convenience. Thank you!
  2. BenDroiX

    K App wont download after factory reset

    I mean if you'd like to write out a summary here, it'd be nice :) Someone might be having the same issues as you in the future, so they could possibly try whatever you've tried to fix it.
  3. BenDroiX

    K App wont download after factory reset

    Honestly a re-flash might be the best way to go about this. It's like a factory reset but a step up in how thorough it is. You'd need to contact the seller or hunt around google for the firmware, as we don't have the X96's firmware on hand (only the X96 Max/Max+). Factory resetting isn't too...
  4. BenDroiX

    Where to buy the RETROID Pocket 2

    The Retroid Pocket 2 is a retro gaming handheld that sets itself apart from the competition by being based on Android (upgradable to Android 8.1), granting it access to an already-existing huge library of emulators, games, and apps. Making this a truly comprehensive handheld gaming device...
  5. BenDroiX

    Beelink gt king

    That'd be because CEC is turned off in the first place. CEC is a functionality of HDMI that in short helps TVs and devices work better, such as syncing power states. Things can become muddy when multiple devices are connected to one TV though, as you've experienced. That's why it's typically...
  6. BenDroiX

    T95z box not powering on

    It might've just given out. Sometimes with devices you just get bad luck in this sense. One thing to try would be a re-flash of the firmware. The process is broadly the same across TV boxes, so you can follow this guide: How To Flash The DroiX X3's Firmware - DroiX -...
  7. BenDroiX

    RG351V - buttons stopped working!

    I think I remember someone having a similar issue to this with the RG351P. What's likely happened is that somehow the controls have become de-mapped in RetroArch. While in EmulationStation, follow these steps: > Press Start > Select "EMUELEC SETTINGS" > scroll down > Select "DANGER ZONE!" >...
  8. BenDroiX

    Unknown sources:GT King android box

    Are you able to provide a photo showing the error you've getting? Is your TV set to the correct source (most TV's have multiple HDMI ports, so yours might be looking at a port that has nothing in it)?
  9. BenDroiX

    Droix x3 Can I connect it via hdmi to Toshiba DvD Recorder then via scart to tv

    I don't think it'd be possible honestly. If the DVD recorder simply takes a HDMI input with no fuss, it might be possible in theory. But the specifics of the situation/configuration are beyond me. If you already have both devices lying around, it might be worth setting an afternoon aside to see...
  10. BenDroiX

    Moqi i7 not turning on

    Have you tried removing the rear of the device and checking if there's a sticker over the battery contact? New batteries will have this sticker present as a way of minimizing the passive discharge into the device itself, allowing them to stay in storage longer without needing to be recharged.
  11. BenDroiX

    How To - All our guides can be found in here

    2021 Update! Since this original post many years ago, we've moved from to a different domain! Our guides can now be found at this link:
  12. BenDroiX

    Where to buy the GPD Win Max

    The GPD WIN Max brings together the best of GPD’s Win 2 and Micro PC features into one gaming ultrabook. The Win Max has an Intel 10th Gen Core ™ i5-1035G7 CPU with an integrated 11th Gen Intel Iris Plus Graphics 940. These provide excellent performance in both desktop and gaming scenarios. You...
  13. BenDroiX

    RG351V Arrival

    Hi! You can buy the RG351V from DroiX at this link: !
  14. BenDroiX

    Coolbaby RS-11 stuck on welcome screen

    I'm not entirely familiar with the RS-11, but if it runs off of an SD card like the Anbernic devices, you might want to try reflashing it with whatever firmware you can get your hands on. Or just replacing the SD card entirely.
  15. BenDroiX

    Pocketgo 1: how to make a copy of the firmware from the original SD card

    Hi there! It's very easy to create a copy of the SD card. All you'll need s an imaging tool like Win32 Disk Imager - which you can download from here: Just insert the card and "read" the partition using the tool, and it'll create an image file...
  16. BenDroiX

    Brand new GT-King won't boot up

    Some things to try: Different power supply Different TV/Monitor Different ports on said TV/Monitor Different cable Factory reset (hold reset pin while booting - can't remember where it is off the top of my head but 99% chance it'll either be either in the AV port or accessible through a...
  17. BenDroiX

    How to install Windows 10 on the DroiX CK2

    Hi there! This forum guide is a little outdated - check our knowledgebase instead:
  18. BenDroiX

    My PC doesn't recognize the SD card

    Does the partition have a drive letter mapped to it? Sometimes the firmwares for these devices don't. Meaning although Windows will know the partition is there, it won't know where the "front door" is, or so to speak.
  19. BenDroiX

    Onscreen Overlay when playing emulators

    It's MOQI's proprietary screen mapping software. Pressing the buttons on the device will correspond to a touch screen input, allowing you to play touch screen games using physical controls. They can be configured and moved around to adjust to different apps too. It's really quite a useful...
  20. BenDroiX

    Bluetooth headphones dont work properly+ playstore wont download

    The issue with the bluetooth could be due to interference. Are there a lot of wireless devices in the area? As for the play store, a workaround could be to try using your google account on a phone/PC to download the app to the android box (since the box will be registered in the list of devices...