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  1. Dave C

    Really struggling with PSX games

    The PS1 emulators are not 100% compatible with all games so it may depend on what you are playing. You may be able to use the list at as a basis to see what is working, it is for a different handheld but they...
  2. Dave C

    Droidbox T8 2015

    Most apps require Android 5 or above now and this device is Android 4 so some many not be compatible. If you go on to the Google Play Store, it should only show the apps that are compatible with your device.
  3. Dave C

    USB Webcams - Can You Help?

    Webcams are tricky on Android boxes. The most likely reason is that the app is not recognising the webcam properly. As far as I know there are no apps that would get this to work but you could try googling it.
  4. Dave C

    Location of emulator save states?

    They wont be stored in the OPK. The save locations vary from emulator to emulator, usually it will be in first Micro SD Card in the emulators folder. For PCSX4ALL (PS1) emulator you can find it in /usr/local/home/pcsx4all/sstates/ The file names will be the game id i.e. slus01384.0.sav will be...
  5. Dave C


    Yeah I read about it yesterday on Discord. We probably will not be selling it :)
  6. Dave C

    Resetting controller settings

    If you find yourself in the situation where you are not able to use a controller on the menus then you can follow the steps below to reset it if you have a USB keyboard. The following steps which will reset the controller input and when it next boots it will have the option to configure the...
  7. Dave C

    RG-350 v1.7 firmware

    I had a quick look and at the TI-99 emulator only got a first release where the author mentions sound is not working
  8. Dave C

    Best 512 or 1tb ssd ?

    The SSD lid on the Win 2 works to dissipate the heat from the SSD itself so it is natural for it to get quite warm. Kingspec are perfectly fine, we sold them in the past and had few issues with them on the Win 2.
  9. Dave C

    Question RetroFW MAME roms

    Please see above replies. The builds of MAME only support 0.37b5 so you can only run games compatible with these version. If the games were supported in newer versions then they will not work on older versions. If you have any further questions, can you please email our support team at...
  10. Dave C

    Question RetroFW MAME roms

    No, you should only use the romset for the build of MAME it is made for. All of these builds use 0.37b5 and none other.
  11. Dave C

    Connection Issue with T2

    You can "forget it" and enter the new details straight away afterwards.
  12. Dave C

    Best 512 or 1tb ssd ?

    Any compatible SSD will be fine. In the past we have used KingSpec and I believe it is SCY that we use now. They are both decent and have good speeds.
  13. Dave C

    Rainbow Islands mame and rg350

    Is it the 0.37b5 rom set for Rainbow Islands? You could also try moving the roms to the internal storage and try it with XMAME, there are three different versions support in this emulator.
  14. Dave C

    How to check firmware version on rg-350?

    The RG350 from us come with the latest official firmware so you are probably on the latest official firmware. There is an unofficial beta update which adds HDMI output support to the firmware, you can read more about it at...
  15. Dave C


    We are looking into this handheld. If we do sell it we should have a sub forum here for it.
  16. Dave C


    MAME4ALL should be towards the bottom of the list of emulators on the RG350.
  17. Dave C

    Retro Gaming System Console S Line Review

    By default they may not be set up for other controllers. What you can do is while playing a N64 game for example, is to press the HOTKEY+Y (our controllers are SELECT for hotkey) and this will bring up the RetoCore menus. From here you can change the controller settings for the emulator and can...
  18. Dave C

    External sd card help

    Thanks for the update.