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    You Tube audio/video sync issues

    Anyone else experiencing these? Basically video is way ahead of audio on many streams. Happening with the latest version (26 June). There's a ticket on the YouTube community forum to which I've added my comment. They claim to have fixed it (on 29 June) but can't see a new version yet.
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    End of the road for SPMC

    I notice that Koying the SPMC developer has given up and is no longer maintaining the app. DBMC (droidbox's version of kodi) is of course based on SPMC so I don't know if that means that there will ever be a kodi 17 Jarvis version of DBMC. At any rate Kodi 17 has resolved most of the android...
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    Cracked spotify now being blocked

    For those of you who may be using cracked versions of Spotify on your Droidbox (or other mobile device including phones), it looks like Spotify are getting more vigorous in detecting those versions and blocking access. Could not log in on my cracked phone version today. Looking at forums lots...
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    Some add-on updates

    A new version of UK Turk was released today with some new sections. The source has not changed. Following the trend of many add-ons, you will be directed to a pin generation site to view anything (valid for up to 4 hours). Also if you use any of the add-ons in Blamos repo (death streams, neptune...
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    Showbox - a warning

    Hi everyone, For those of you who use Showbox be aware that it uses bittorrent (aka peer to peer) technology to stream files, not pure streaming. I know this because of an "educational" letter I received from my ISP following use of the app on new years day. I don't believe Kodi uses the same...
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    URL Resolver

    Looks like someone has taken this over. Read this for details. Note the warning about "fake" versions of addons and dependencies. You will need to install the repo mentioned if you want the updates.
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    Mobdro Black Screen Sound only

    ****UPDATE***** v2.0.58 released Sunday 19 Nov to fix this problem Not my night. Mobdro v.56 just installed on the t8mini running Android 6. I get sound but no video on all streams. There is a hardware acceleration switch in settings which I've tried with no effect. I tested on my phone and...
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    World Sports Stream and Ad Block

    I have WSS 2.1. running successfully on machines running android 4.4.2 and android 5. On my t8 mini running android 6, WSS 2.1. crashes, complaining about an ad blocker running. I have not consciously installed an ad blocker. There was a similar post earlier this year where Dbx confirmed there...
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    Ares - it has gone for good

    Sad news. But here's the latest as at Fri 17 Nov.
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    Beware the VPN spammers

    Something we are seeing a lot of on this forum is the "helpful" first time poster whose only contribution is often a link to "a thousand best Kodi add-ons" or such like. Often they mention "popcorn time" in their posts. Searching their user names on Google often reveals that they have posted to...
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    Android Oreo (android 8) released

    See here Sometimes, don't you just wish they would stop.
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    The return of Kodi

    By now you will realise that after the trauma of previous weeks with the demise of tvaddons and some developers giving up, things are now coming back to life. Here is my current set up with a good selection of android apps to back up kodi. Note, just 14 addons (of which 2 are utilities). Who...
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    SALTS and EXODUS back BUT...

    Ares blog has announced the return of the 2 big hitters and provided install instructions. I've grabbed SALTS and it is working. But seems a few of us have issues with new Exodus (v3.1.18) erroring.
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    Latest FTMC (v29) on "old" T8

    Just tried updating ftmc to v29 - the latest with subtitle fix. Older working version was uninstalled. Downloaded the new version ok from freaktab (arm version 29) But it will not install after opening screen, crashing back to the android home screen. I've tried a redownload and reinstall but no...
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    Live streams and kodi 17

    If you are experiencing some issues viewing live streams in kodi 17, it is worth reading this article which also provides a simple fix. Typically addons like sportsdevil use librtmp so it will be relevant to sports fans. It will be interesting to...
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    Kodi maintenance - some good information

    I found this article on the ares project blog. All Droidbox users should read it. It will help you understand the reasons for and the pitfalls of maintaining boxes.
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    Normal service will be resumed...

    ...after I finish celebrating that victory over the Scousers.
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    Movie and TV show addon issues 8/12/16

    There's an issue with the "TMDB" addon (the movies database addon) right now due to a DDOS attack. This is affecting many Addons e.g. Exodus, which use this addon for movie and tv show information. Nothing you can do other than find an addon which doesn't use the addon. The advice is to...
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    Pop Up Ads

    Our colleague Mr Catmunky reported an issue recently connected with pop up ads. In his case he believed it was due to a recent android movie app he had downloaded giving es file explorer permissions. As of today i am seeing pop up ads in both android and kodi. As far as i can see, the only...
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    T8S Plus wifi issue

    To confirm what some others have said, i am also seeing a wifi issue on android after the update. Basically I cannot get a connection using wifi even though the box sees my 2 router channels (2g/5g). Ethernet connection is fine. Interestingly, I can get a wifi connection on Librelec. I believe...
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