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    Disable Ethernet

    Recently bought a TX6 box which has been great. The only issue is that I run a VPN over a wired connection for most things I watch on the device. Occasionally I need to use wifi for a connection outwith the VPN for things like BT Sport app, Sky Go, 4OD and iPlayer etc. Is there a way to...
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    Android Software

    is it possible to upgrade the Android OS from 4.4.2 to 5.1 or higher?
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    Storage Issues - Droidbox X7 Ultimate

    Hi, I've recently got a replacement X7 Ultimate device and I am having problems with the internal storage. My device is showing an internal storage of 4GB with an additional Nand Flash of 10GB. When I view these on the app ES File Explorer they are named SDcard 0 and SDCard Internal_SD...