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    Droix x 3 Android TV Box

    I have two of these directly connected to HDMI socket on both TVs..I would like to Capture the video/audio output fro these devices,and srore it on a USB drive,I would also like to watch the output on TV live.I assume that whatever device I purchase will need to have a Bypass feature to do the...
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    Droix x3 Can I connect it via hdmi to Toshiba DvD Recorder then via scart to tv

    i want to record the stream from droix x3 android tv box using my toshiba dvd recorder and then watch the stream on my Tv,is this possible? Michael
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    Droix x 3 WiFi 2.4Ghz or 5 Ghz

    I have two Droix x3 boxes One for the Lounge and One in my Bedroom,My Router is a Plusnet Hub1 with dual band 2.4/5ghz Capability.Can anyone please advise me how to set them up on a wavelength which wont interfere with other wifi devices operating at 2.4ghz NB My Router is not using the Smart...
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    Droix i9 mini keyboard

    David Sorry thats not the problem,the usb dongle was plugged in correctly.I neen to know how to reset the language of this keyboard to English United Kingdom,I think that its set at the default ie United States English.I cannot find any information on this procedure in the Droix How to...
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    Droix i9 mini keyboard

    Just received this via Amazon,have charged it up,and now I cant get it to work with my Droix x 3 Android box,though i do have a flickering blue light and an orange light when I touch the ENTER key,the backlight also works..There is no light on the touchpad,How do I sync this device with my Droix...
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    Airmouse G10 replaced under warranty order 19845

    I received the replacement yesterday,I have set it up as per instruction leaflet,and I get a pointer on my screen ok.using the onscreen keyboard to import date,I have a problem imputing the letter t as I get 5 even though the keyboard is set to ABC? is this a fault with the do i...
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    Droix x 3 Android 9 Settings Developer option

    I have been trying to get apk codes from filelinked and have not been able to access them,it has been suggested that I need to ensure that the Developer options has been initiated.I eventually managed to do this by tapping on the build tab 7 times and then got a message that I am now a...
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    Droix x 3 Navigation bar

    1 Bought X 3 recently and there is no bottom navigation bar its missing?How do I install it? 2 Initial set up,having gone through the Initial set up,what appears on my TV screen is nothing like the picture shown in the set up IE all I have is the apps and at the top right is the clock?whats...
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    Droix G10 Airmouse/remote

    I have just received my Droix x 3 Android Box and G10 Airmouse/Remote..on inspection I have found that the Front part of it..thats the IR/ON/OFF button the casing is coming apart and cannot be clipped back together..The Infra Red Light is exposed as there is a gap of 3mm!!!I dont know whether it...
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    complete beginner so will need some help setting up

    complete beginner so will need some help setting up