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  1. BenDroiX

    videos streams not playing on website's

    What exact sites is it bugging out on? Are you able to play videos through their dedicated apps just fine (i.e., the youtube app)?
  2. BenDroiX

    Wireless Speed Test

    I'd imagine it's C if both cables are connected to the inside of the shell. Perhaps one cable for each band. Please note that disassembling the device like this will void your warranty though. I'd advise reaching out to us at for an RMA first (if the device was purchased...
  3. BenDroiX

    Wireless Speed Test

    USB antennae would definitely be worth trying, although I can't say I've done so before.
  4. BenDroiX

    Anbernic rg351m

    Please email the support team back at if you find that the guidance offered doesn't help! We'd be more than happy I've given your email used for the forums a quick search in our messaging system, and it seems as though you didn't reply to our initial attempt to troubleshoot!
  5. BenDroiX

    i7 freezes and I have to do a hard reset

    The maximum amount of RAM the CK2 can support is 32GB. You'll need a SO-DIMM DDR4 stick. Unfortunately yes, that CK2 would be out of warranty by now. As for the matter of KingSpec, it's a budget brand of RAM, so you may wish to opt for a more premium brand such as Corsair or Crucial if possible.
  6. BenDroiX


    I would chalk it down to some kind of interference. Off the top of my head, I'd try the following: A) Try connecting the HDD to different USB ports. It could be that the wiring inside is "too close" (without getting too technical about things) and thus the signals are overlapping or something...
  7. BenDroiX

    Wireless Speed Test

    It's not unheard of for firmware updates to help out with Wi-Fi issues. Make sure you use the appropriate firmware. (if you don't, you risk bricking the unit). If yours doesn't fall under the above, than just go for a reinstall of the latest you can find.
  8. BenDroiX


    Now when you say that the box and remote become unresponsive, is the box literally crashing the moment you connect the external HDD? Or is it crashing while you're trying to use some specific media app?
  9. BenDroiX

    i7 freezes and I have to do a hard reset

    One thing to try is a reinstall of Windows. Could be the installation is corrupt or something. Global Mini PC Reinstall Guide - How to Reinstall Windows on your Beelink, GPD, One Netbook, etc.) -...
  10. BenDroiX

    Wireless Speed Test

    One last thing to try could be a firmware reflash You can grab the latest firmware here (latest is 925P0 - click the expand all button if you can't see it) : And install it via this guide...
  11. BenDroiX

    Remote Control

    I'm not aware of any Android apps and phones that would allow you to use an infrared signal to interact with your Android box unfortunately. At best you can interact with the devices with your phone over a network connection via Miracast or something similar.
  12. BenDroiX

    351Elec not booting

    The 552 is nice and may in fact be easier for your average person to use. Android is already pretty saturated with "optimized" emulators and has a pretty user-friendly interface, so we actually don't die-hard-advocate on it as much as we do for the 351 generation.
  13. BenDroiX

    Wireless Speed Test

    Is your router dual-band? What may be happening is that your GT King is connected to the 2.4GHz band on your router instead of the 5.0GHz band. This would result in slower speeds. How do I enable 5GHz on my router? – -...
  14. BenDroiX

    Remote Control

    Hi there! This thread is almost three years old, so I'll need a little more information :) Many Android devices are compatible with things like Miracast, Airplay and Chromecast, so you can look into downloading those applications on your mobile phone and Android box. There's many different...
  15. BenDroiX

    Remote is not turning my Android box on???

    Check to see if your remote can perform an IR Learning function. You probably need to clone the power button signal from your original remote to the new one. The G10 we sell can do this like so:
  16. BenDroiX

    RG351V - buttons stopped working!

    I don't recall ever seeing a button testing application on the RG351Vs. The 350's definitely had a handy tool for doing so, but not the 351's. If you press start and go to Game Collection Settings, ensure that the All Games collection is displayed. If you can't find the "000 - input test"...
  17. BenDroiX

    Button input test

    I don't think the vanilla firmware comes with any kind of default button testing application last I remember seeing. Not sure if custom firmwares do either. A band-aid method of testing the buttons however would be to switch over to the RetroArch side (press Select -> Start Retroarch) and then...
  18. BenDroiX

    Need information about the 2020 powkiddy x15 Android 7.0 handheld gaming console with emulators for

    Some .apk archiving site like APKMirror would be a start. Things to look for would be the Google Play Store, Google Services APK, etc. Be wary with the latter however as downloading the wrong version can cause things to act... "funky". I'd also reach out to those Youtubers via DMs...
  19. BenDroiX

    Droidbox Market

    The Droidbox Market app is no longer supported (it hasn't been supported for like 3-4 years now at this point). You can download a variety of legal streaming applications for TV and Movies on the Google Play Store. Check out this link to find out more...
  20. BenDroiX

    X96 mini help with issues

    1. Are you sure you have the X96 Mini? The X96 Mini we've always sold doesn't have a power button on the device. Regardless, for many android boxes, there should be an option in the settings to set the "power key definition" or something of that nature. I don't have one at hand so I can't...