1. B

    Auto power back on feature t8-s V1

    Hi i cant find it anywhere, is there a way to have this box bott right back up witohut having to physically hit the power button? i want to hook it up in my car and dont want to have to turn it on every time i get in the car!!! or even in the house if there is a power failure and have to dig...
  2. R

    Boot Failure

    I have a T8 v2. Not used it for a long while, switch on, Droidbox boot screen but followed by text Kodi Fail to boot screen. Hard reboot also fails. I’ve seen similar threads, but don’t give any further. Page 404 error on potentially the best.
  3. E

    Can go into boot menu. Black screen shown instead

    Hello, I have the DroidBox T8 MINI and I can't go into the boot menu... I tried the toothpick method (unplugging the power, inserting toothpick in "restore" hole, and turning on) but the only thing that was shown was the DroidBox logo. After a few more tries the only thing I get is a black...
  4. A

    LibreELEC hangs on load screen

    Hi, My droidbox T8-S starts on the LibreELEC and hangs on boot, keeps showing the load screen. We do not use LibreELEC and would like ot force it to load into Android. Can I press some hot keys to bypass this? I do not want to reset it. Thanks in advance
  5. T

    T8 completely dead

    Hey guys, Tried to boot my T8 today, And absolutely nothing happened, the standby button is red, when I press it nothing happens doesn't change blue, no boot on the LED, tried factory reset same thing nothing can't get anything to do anything? Any help?
  6. G

    Boot as soon power is there

    Hi, Is there a was to let the T8 Mini boot automatically as soon as the box gets power? Idea behind ist: I have a main power switch for all my equipment. I would like that all devices connected to that power switch boot automaically as soon as I switch power on. Thanks very much for any hint...
  7. wmanzione

    OpenElec freezing on splash screen

    Hello, I did go via support but I'm not really satisfied with the feedback. Basically I'm using a T8-S and I do use solely the OpenElec boot as I'm not really into the android apps. Everything went well for a couple fo months, but then in December I had 2x this issue: on boot, OpenElec freeze...