1. D

    Kodi 17 judder during playback?

    Hi guys. I have recently been trying to get Kodi 17 Krypton going on my T8S Plus V2 box. For some reason, every time I play any source, movie, TV show or live stream the picture judders continuously so much so that I cannot watch the programme. I have tried changing TV settings, device settings...
  2. ChrisM

    iMXQpro v2, T8 Mini & T8-S Plus v2 OTA July 2017

    DroidBOX announce OTA firmware updates for the iMXQpro v2, T8 Mini and T8-S Plus v2 models. In Android, this update brings Kodi 17.3 and DBMC 16.7-00, whilst LibreELEC is updated to meaning Kodi 17.3 can now also be found there! Read more about this update, and how to apply it, at...
  3. RELL33

    DroidBOX T8-S Plus v1 LibreELEC

    Hello, The XBMC Foundation released Kodi 17 in late January 2017. When will DroidBox be updating DBMC and LibreELEC for the DroidBOX T8-S Plus v1 to Kodi 17?
  4. H

    ARES Projects problem installing on DBMC

    Error "Could not find KODI LOG" while attempting to open ARES Wizard The Ares Wizard seems to be failing due to internal error in their code to many users. To be honest, I always say, if it doesn't work install another. But a I have a solution for ARES if you are getting issue installing it...
  5. Fritz-69

    DBMC Can't find Kodi Log File

    When I try to run programmes in the Android boot DBMC, I get the message 'error, could not find Kodi Log file' I have uninstalled it, and reinstalled but am getting the same error. Normal Kodi in Android and OpenELEC work fine. I just wanted to see if DBMC was any better. Any suggestions?