1. Arwyn

    Exodus redux problems?

    I used to love this addon. Use with my raspberry pi4 which is 4k and real debrid a huge ton of blue (premium links) Inc 4k. but for some reason this all changed about a month ago, now most of the links are real debrid but torrent links. Not the usual Rd blue links. In fact there is usually...
  2. W

    wookie ?

    I haven’t been able to get Exodus on my fire stick at all no matter how many tutorials I read or watch I can never find the Exodus add on. My Kodi switched to wookie on its own and sucks. Is there anyway I can uninstall wookie and get Exodus without screwing everything up?
  3. S

    2 Firestick, One Works

    I'm having an issue. I have 2 Firesticks. Kodi stopped working on one. I deleted and reinstalled the newest version, along with Indigo and Exodus. Problem is, I can't get any searched show to work. All I get is the "No Streams Available" error message. I thought it was a problem with Exodus in...
  4. D

    Can't see downloads on internal memory or HDD.

    First time problemer and no expert so please be gentle. I've got a T8-S Plus about a year old. HDD and downloads were working fine until I had to do a factory reset, then I downloaded last latest software update. I re formatted HDD created folder for downloads and configured addons to it. (not...
  5. cscott1

    Need Help with UPnP path and or possibly permissions

    Hello folks I'm not having much luck with a problem I'm having over at the Kodi and TV addons forums thought I would try my luck over here. I am trying to use my client android MXQ Pro to download media files to my windows PC server storage folders using UPnP path... I can download movies from...