One Netbook ONEXPLAYER 1S Gaming Handheld


  1. Dave C

    PocketGO v2 FAQ

    You can find a number of additional guides on our How To section at How To Switch On The PocketGO v2.1 - First charge the device for 3 hours. - Press and hold the power button for three seconds until the boot logo appears. - If the device does...
  2. Dave C

    FAQ and Guides for RG350 and RG350M

    This post will contain some common Questions & Answers and other information. Click on images for a larger version You can find additional guides such as formatting cards, reinstalling firmware, upgrading firmware, copying files and much more on our How To section. RG350 How To at...
  3. Dave C

    Retroflag GPi Case FAQ and help

    Our How To page for the Retroflag GPi contains answers to commonly asked questions, some helpful tips. You can read it at
  4. Dave C

    BittBoy FAQ

    This FAQ is regularly updated with any important information. Where can I buy the BittBoy and PocketGo? You can buy the BittBoy from DroiX at You can buy the original PocketGo at...
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