1. R

    Wolfenstein 3D and Doom on PG2

    What should I do to play Wolfenstein 3D and Doom on PG2???
  2. R

    Doom and Wolfenstein 3D in RS97 Plus?

    Is it possible to play full Doom and full Wolfenstein 3D on RS97 Plus? Where to download good games for RS97 Plus RetroFW? files IPK or OPK
  3. Dave C

    GPD Win 2 Review

    We have posted a review of the GPD Win 2 at . It is great for gaming and emulators! You can learn more and buy the GPD Win 2 at...
  4. Dave C

    Wolfenstein 3D on the RS-97

    The classic FPS Wolfenstein 3D running on the RS-97 handheld as voted for on Twitter at You can find out more about the RS-97 and RS-07 Arcade at
  5. ChrisM

    Great Games To Play On The DroidBOX GPD Win

    Putting this in the General Discussion area as the games will also be worth a look at if you own a Windows device other than our DroidBOX GPD Win! Looking for some inspiration regarding which games are worth your time? At , we have taken a look at some of the many, many...
  6. ChrisM

    Gamepad Compatible Games #1

    Do you have an Android device and a gamepad? We have shortlisted some of the best games available, over at If you don't yet have a gamepad, check out the DroidBOX Play Gamepad Pro - (this is the controller we used for testing).
  7. ChrisM

    DroidBOX Market Games Update

    If you haven't checked recently, we have added dozens of new games to our DroidBOX Market application store. To learn more, head to Whether you're looking for a way to pass a few minutes, or itch to conquer far-off kingdoms our hand picked selection (compatible with our...
  8. ChrisM

    DroidBOX GPD Win - The best 2017 PC Gaming & Kodi Handheld Unboxing and Demo

    2017's must have for portable entertainment, the DroidBOX® GPD Win, gets unboxed and demo’d in our new video. The Windows 10 handheld features a 5.5” touchscreen, 4GB RAM, 64GB storage and a fast quad core processor. It is excellent for PC gaming and perfect for media viewing with software such...
  9. ChrisM

    T8-S Plus v2 Gamer’s Edition Giveaway Winner Announced

    The winner of our T8-S Plus v2 Gamer’s Edition giveaway can be found at Is it you? Congratulations to the winner, better luck next time to everyone else! We regularly have competitions, so check our blog and consider signing up for the newsletter at
  10. ChrisM

    DroidBOX T8-S Plus v2 Gamer’s Edition Giveaway

    With the T8-S Plus v2, VIP Plus remote and a Play Gamepad Pro included in the bundle, how do you fancy winning a DroidBOX T8-S Plus v2 Gamer’s Edition? The competition is really simple to enter, pop over to and enter your details. If you would like to improve your odds...
  11. P

    Games frame rate on T8-S Plus

    Hi all, Has anyone else experienced frame rate issues in games? Anything I play, be it an emulator or an Android game from the store, the screen seems to slow down and speed up. This is most noticeable on side scrolling or vertical games such as shooters or platform. The games seem to run ok...