1. Dave C

    Details and where to buy the H96 Mini

    Find out more and buy the DroiX H96 Mini from https://droidbox.co.uk/droix-h96-mini-4gbram-128gb-storage-android-9-smart-tv-box-allwinner-h6-4k-htpc.html The DroiX H96 Mini Smart Android Mini PC is the latest Android Mini PC from DroiX running on the Android 9 Pie Operating System, with...
  2. D

    H96 Max X2 Power

    Is this device supposed to stay in standby (red light) when you press the power button on the remote and stay that way until it's pressed again, as mine, not sure how long, powers itself back on (blue light).
  3. D

    H96 MAX 4/32 issues

    Hi All, I got my dad a H96 Pro box last year for his football and movies and TV APK's. They work faultlessly. I have been banging on about these boxes to my Father in law - as I use a Nvidia Shield - they don't need that much power. When I've tried loading 3 different APK for streaming films -...
  4. T

    H96 air mouse voice remote not working correctly... help!

    Hello there fellow members! I purchased an H96 Android box with a base air mouse voice remote, and the air mouse does not move fluidly, you have to manipulate the mouse by pressing the up, down, left, and right keys like you would a standard remote that would have came with the box. The other...