1. B

    Question about connecting large (4TB) external hard drives to Droidboxes

    I'm thinking about getting a relatively cheap ($60 or less) Droidbox and installing LibreELEC. I'm concerned that the great majority of product specs don't mention what size USB drives a box can read and the ones that do are too small for my needs. I have a few NTFS formatted 4TB external...
  2. mike huxley

    Format HDD

    I want to install a SSD drive. All the links I’ve seen don’t give you actual instructions on formatting the drive. Can anyone give me written easy to follow instructions please? Do I need to back anything up and if so how?
  3. Fritz-69

    Large Capacity HDD for T8-S Plus Ver 2, and T11 (Win 10) Devies

    T8-S Plus Ver 2 and T11 (Win 10 ) I was just wondering if anyone has tried fitting an Internal HDD over the 2tb size? I have an extensive library getting bigger and just wanted to see if a 3tb or 4tb drive has been tested. As the title implies, this question go's for both devices. Also, if...
  4. B96Mike

    Hard drive - HDD 5 TB Storage

    has anyone tried a 5 TB hard drive on T8-S Plus yet?