1. D

    HDMI In... where is it?

    Hi. Stupid question: I’ve plugged a sky q mini box into the hdmi port on the side of my droidbox go v3. How do I switch inputs so that i can view it. The manual tells me to click on the hdmi in icon on the homepage. I don’t see one anywhere. Should it be autodetecting the input?
  2. ChrisM

    Screen Squashed? Videos/Menus Clipped?

    Do you find that some information is not shown on your television when using a DroidBOX device? It is possible that an incorrect resolution has been configured, but this is easy to fix! If you find, after checking your television has the correct options set, that changing the resolution...
  3. K

    No sound in Android

    Hi, I have a sound issue when using the T8S Plus v2. As it's booting up and the DroidBox logo appears I get sound from that just fine. The same for when I use DroidBox Switch on use OpenElec. However within Android I get nothing. I've tried using an audio cable in the red and white slots...
  4. ChrisM

    Support Surround Sound?

    Do you have surround sound videos and a surround sound system connected to your DroidBOX? We go through the settings to ensure you can enjoy fully immersive sound with your DroidBOX® device at https://goo.gl/bLg4SD
  5. R

    Akaso M8S - No signal at the first launch

    Hi, I bought a akaso m8s box to watch movies on my TV, but at the first launch of the box, nothing appear. I just have a blackscreen. I tried to plug on my TV (hdmi) and on my computer screen (hdmi) but nothing more. Do you know anything to fix it ? Thank you in advance, Rtxx.
  6. A


    Hi Sorry not sure if this the correct forum, but it's the closest I could find to the model I have, I'm completely new to this. I've just purchased a Justop T9 (says t95 on startup?). My question is can i play the sound through my home surround sound system? It's a Sony system that only has...
  7. X

    Q7 Auto Resolution?

    Hi, I have had my Q& for several months now and everything has been working great, we decided to move it upstairs for a couple of nights to watch a film on a different TV, no problems until I came to move it back to the main TV. The box now just doesn't appear to show anything, just a black...