1. mike huxley


    Hi. Just bought the ImxQ pro mini with Android Nougat. One of the USB ports is a shared OTG, however the instructions in the box are so poor that it doesn’t say which of the 2 ports it is or explain how to use OTG. I’m new to Android so don’t understand the OTG thing!! Any advice please
  2. K

    Which version of krypton to install on libreELEC

    Hi guys this is basically my first post I've got the droidbox imXQpro I was using the indigo wizard on jarvis on libreELEC but i keep getting error it's been recommended that I upgrade to krypton how do I do that on libreELEC which version of krypton do i download I need help any suggestion...
  3. A


    Hi ChrisM, I am novice owner of the Driodbox IMQPro 4k .I have managed to set up Showbox, but one teething problem remains where I would appreciate your tips.
  4. K


    Hi everyone I bought an imxq pro gamers bundle with the new vip plus remote and a game controller and paid 24 hour tracked delivery but these guys gave me a non working track number and did not recieve my item and they are not responding to my emails I have to keep calling them myself. Has...