1. Dave C

    Kodi "Leia" 18.7 Release

    A new version of Kodi "Leia" 18.7 has been released. If you are on Android 5 or above you will be able to update or download from the Google Play Store, check our guide here if you have not used it before. Or download it direct from Kodi at https://kodi.tv/ Changelog Audio Fix to not reset...
  2. Arwyn

    Exodus redux problems?

    I used to love this addon. Use with my raspberry pi4 which is 4k and real debrid a huge ton of blue (premium links) Inc 4k. but for some reason this all changed about a month ago, now most of the links are real debrid but torrent links. Not the usual Rd blue links. In fact there is usually...
  3. Dave C

    Kodi "Leia" v18.6 Released

    A new version of Kodi has been released today. You will be able to update it automatically from the Google Play Store, a guide can be found here if you have not done this before. Or you can download it manually from the Kodi homepage at https://kodi.tv/. All of our Android boxes and Windows...
  4. T

    NBA International League Pass

    Hello I installed the NBA app from Australian IP address, onto DroidBox via the Google Play store. I am able to login, browse the games, but when I try to watch a game, the audio works, but the video simply shows a black box (the app works fine on my Android phones and tablets, or via any web...
  5. M

    Kodi not working in LibreElec

    Hi guys, I bought a new T8-SE and updated OTA to the latest firmware. In Android Kodi works fine, I installed several add-ons, connected smoothly to my Synology NAS, etc... but when I boot in LibreElec I cannot download one single add-on... it simply doesn't even show the list of available...
  6. I

    New box is very laggy and needs rebooting

    Hi, I recently bought a new iMXQPro Mini to replace my old droidbox and have had nothing but problems with it since purchase. I am running the box on Ethernet with download speeds of 60Mbit/s so bandwidth is not an issue. Here are the issues: Laggy air mouse. The mouse will move momentarily...
  7. W

    wookie ?

    I haven’t been able to get Exodus on my fire stick at all no matter how many tutorials I read or watch I can never find the Exodus add on. My Kodi switched to wookie on its own and sucks. Is there anyway I can uninstall wookie and get Exodus without screwing everything up?
  8. admin

    BETA. Not (yet) official. LibreELEC 8.2.0 with Kodi 17.5 Beta for iMXQpro v2

    DroidBOX Team is pleased to announce LibreELEC 8.2.0 Beta version for the iMXQpro V2 model. Changes Kodi 17.5 Fix boot-time overwrite of samba.conf.sample to ensure v4 template exists Fix Samba startup failures by detecting/disabling old (v3) samba.conf files Fix an issue in the embedded...
  9. admin

    BETA. NOT (yet) OFFICIAL. LibreELEC 8.2.0 Kodi 17.5 Beta for T8 Mini

    Before installing this beta, please use the OTA Updates application in Android to update your system first. Shah's video below (applies equally to T8 Mini devices) shows how to do this if you've not used the app before. Changes Kodi 17.5 Fix boot-time overwrite of samba.conf.sample to ensure...
  10. admin

    BETA. NOT (yet) OFFICIAL. LibreELEC 8.2.0 Kodi 17.5 Test T8-S Plus v1

    DroidBOX Team is pleased to announce LibreELEC 8.2.0 Beta version for T8-S Plus V1 model. Changes Kodi 17.5 Fix boot-time overwrite of samba.conf.sample to ensure v4 template exists Fix Samba startup failures by detecting/disabling old (v3) samba.conf files Fix an issue in the embedded...
  11. ChrisM

    Turn On & Have To Press Home To See The Launcher?

    If you find ES File Explorer opens each time you turn your device on, or you don't want it popping up when you connect a storage device then https://goo.gl/pWPKVN has the steps required to turn this function off.
  12. ChrisM

    Screen Squashed? Videos/Menus Clipped?

    Do you find that some information is not shown on your television when using a DroidBOX device? It is possible that an incorrect resolution has been configured, but this is easy to fix! If you find, after checking your television has the correct options set, that changing the resolution...
  13. ChrisM

    25Mbit/sec Is Plenty...

    Did you know that using your DroidBOX to watch media with public servers, you will rarely be using more than 25Mbit/sec of bandwidth? Most streams (IF the server has enough bandwidth at their end) will play happily on a LOT less than that, check our post at https://goo.gl/GcD771 for more...
  14. ChrisM

    Copying Files To/From LibreELEC Via Your Home Network

    If you use the LibreELEC operating system on your DroidBOX device, the post at https://goo.gl/spTzYN explains how to copy files to your device over the network. No extra hardware or software is required, a few minutes will see you copying to and from LibreELEC's file system (or attached...
  15. ChrisM

    Recovery Menu Entries Explained

    The Recovery menu is an important area of your DroidBOX device. You can clear the cache, factory reset and apply firmware updates from here. If you have looked at the Recovery menu before, but were apprehensive about what each entry did, and what was safe to click on, please read...
  16. ChrisM

    LibreELEC Basics (How-To)

    Have a DroidBOX device with the LibreELEC operating system installed? Not booted into it yet? Tried, but got lost? https://goo.gl/N2FGKX will help guide you through connecting to the internet and other essentials, be it from the first run wizard, or using the LibreELEC Configuration program...
  17. ChrisM

    VPN Installation Instructions For LibreELEC 7 and 8

    Want to use your VPN connection within the LibreELEC operating system, but not sure how to? Already found the benefits of using the IPVanish application in Android, need to set up in LibreELEC as well? https://goo.gl/jmtHcN has the steps required, covering both the Jarvis (Confluence) and...
  18. ChrisM

    iMXQpro v2, T8 Mini & T8-S Plus v2 OTA July 2017

    DroidBOX announce OTA firmware updates for the iMXQpro v2, T8 Mini and T8-S Plus v2 models. In Android, this update brings Kodi 17.3 and DBMC 16.7-00, whilst LibreELEC is updated to meaning Kodi 17.3 can now also be found there! Read more about this update, and how to apply it, at...
  19. ChrisM

    DroidBOX R1 NAS Unboxing and Demonstration Video

    Watch our R1 NAS unboxing and demo. The DroidBOX R1 NAS is an Android box and NAS server. It features an internal hard drive bay for 3.5" hard drives and a HD-PVR for recording via the HDMI Input. You can use this to record games consoles, PC, or even another DroidBOX device! It has Android 6...
  20. J

    T8-S Plus v2 (new box) - Which Wizard?

    Hi all Can you recommend which wizard would be best for Kodi on the new T8-S Plus V2? Is ares any good or would a simpler one suffice? Any advice much appreciated. Ta Jo