1. A

    LibreELEC hangs on load screen

    Hi, My droidbox T8-S starts on the LibreELEC and hangs on boot, keeps showing the load screen. We do not use LibreELEC and would like ot force it to load into Android. Can I press some hot keys to bypass this? I do not want to reset it. Thanks in advance
  2. S

    Plexus / Acestreams on LibreElec

    I've got LibreElec running on my T8-S Plus. My VPN autolaunches, I've got it linked to Trakt, got my own select-few addons installed, my own background pics and submenus. It's perfect, well almost. There's one thing I can't get sorted. Plexus. Has anybody had any success getting the Plexus...
  3. Mark Stradling

    OTA update clock issue

    Since "upgrading" to LibreELEC, the clock on my box work for a little while then stops. As I sit here now, it says the time is 23:10; whereas LE OSD shows the correct time of 23:45. Any one else having this issue? I've factory reset the box and re-installed the update 3 times, but always with...
  4. cristofa

    Trouble with new Librelec update (T8Ss plus)

    Hi I'm useing T8-s plus i updated to Librelec on Monday night via the OTA update, Im experiencing problems not in android but in kodi 16.1 on Librelec. Its very sluggish and choppy with sound and streams, I don't think its the addons because I see the issue with the spinning working icon what...