1. S

    Netflix incompatible with T95Z Plus?

    I recently got a T95Z Plus. It came with a version of Netflix, which worked fine until a few days ago. Now it's not accepting my username and password, so I can't log in. The Play store tells me the T95Z Plus is incompatible with the Netflix app. Anyone know how I can fix this problem?
  2. C


    I dont know how I am supposed to scroll through shows on Netflix on my x1 android box so could someone please help me out
  3. Guido9800

    Netflix pausing every three seconds and no bluetooth sound

    Hello, My Droidbox Go playing Netflix has a constant jittering or pausing every three seconds or so. It's only Netflix that is doing this. If I switch to Kodi, video streams are fine. I have "Wifi only" selected in Netflix setting. I tried turning this off as well, neither option fixes the...
  4. D

    Droidbox Go, Hulu, & Netflix

    I recently purchased a Droidbox Go. I am having an issue selecting videos on both hulu & netflix. When I open these apps I am not able to click the remote through the selections and choose a video. It only highlights section titles. My assumption is that the Android kitkat version is...
  5. K

    Netflix continual logins

    Hi Since netflix was air played to the to it keeps asking to login, (don't ask) Anyway we keep needing to login every time on both of our T8s and get error -3 or error 12008. It's the standard install of Netflix and we log in with a normal account. All help greatly appreciated. Cheers Kev