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    Controlling T8-S Plus with no remote

    Hi guys, I have a bit of a problem. I left my droidbox standard remote and my air remote at my parents house (80 miles away). It was ok because I could control it with my phone using the app. However, I stupidly installed the latest OTA update tonight and now I am stuck on the set-up screen...
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    iMX6 Remote not working

    The 'OK/enter' button on my IR remote controller for the iMX6 no longer works. Replacement remotes on Amazon and AliExpress are no longer available. Can anybody direct me to source for replacement remotes?
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    Remote Control / Droidbox Share

    Hi, I'm new / just bought a T8s Plus. The settings menus for the T8S Plus seems to be different than for the T-8 S. Mine is grey icons with white writing / pictures in the middle. I can't seem to find remote control on the settings menu anywhere (whereas the T-8 seems to have a colourful...
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    Remote control issues

    Just getting used to my T8-S plus. I think it is a great piece of kit but one issue is frustrating. I am using kodi with the titan skin (don't know if skin is relevant to my issue) the droidbox share app on my phone functions perfectly on the Android homepage and apps... Except kodi. The...