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    Pacman and Ms. Pacman roms won't work on RG350M

    Hi all, new to the group...I recently bought the RG350M and so far I think it's an awesome handheld...Still trying to learn how alot of it works, especially shutting down each different emulator...For XMame, I have the 0.37b15 romset loaded into the folder marked xmame52...Most of the games work...
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    Help with RS-12

    Hi folks, Newbie in the retro game scene. Messed around with Retropie, Lakka, Batocera, Recalbox etc. but thought I'd buy a cheap system to see what it was like. Bought the RS-12 mini arcade from Droix and it's a lot of fun. Mostly bought it for the arcade games but there's only 20 on it. I...

    How to get and install ROMS to handhelds

    You can purchase these handhelds from: GKD350H - RG350 - RG350 Retro Gaming Handheld - PocketGo v2 - PocketGo v2.1 Retro Gaming Console -...

    A list of ROMS on RS-07 Retro Arcade

    The list is too long (over 3000 games) to post on this forum. You can view the list at . Hope it is useful!