1. G

    Stock firmware for RetroArcade RS-07 4.3 v 1.3

    I welcome everyone, someone can throw off the stock firmware for RS-07? model of my console Retro Arcade 4.3 v1.3 Memory card 16Gb PS: My memory card is broken on my console, I want to restore the console. I could not find the firmware file on the Internet. I want to install the original...

    A list of ROMS on RS-07 Retro Arcade

    The list is too long (over 3000 games) to post on this forum. You can view the list at . Hope it is useful!
  3. Dave C

    Wolfenstein 3D on the RS-97

    The classic FPS Wolfenstein 3D running on the RS-97 handheld as voted for on Twitter at You can find out more about the RS-97 and RS-07 Arcade at
  4. Dave C

    RS-07 Retro Arcade review

    Find out more information about the RS-07 Pro Arcade and buy yours at