1. SC60

    Custom FW 2.2 RS-97 CPS-Neogeo

    I have recently flashed Custom Firmware to the SD card in my RS-97 - HW 2.1 and am having the following issues: I am able to run the majority of the stock games, but cannot seem to run the games in the CPS & NEOGEO folders. I've downloaded and installed various CPK packages including the...
  2. Dave C

    RS-Plus series, RS-97 series and LDK series Custom Firmware 271019

    Find out more about the RS-97 Plus v2 here. Downloads You can find further information on the firmware for your device at The old CFW is no longer supported and the above RetroFW is more recent and better optimised.
  3. Dave C

    RG-Plus v2+IPS, LDK, LDK Landscape, RS-97 v3.0 CFW 050819

    Find out more about the RS-97 Plus v2 here, LDK here and RS-97 Plus v3 Anniversary edition here. Downloads RG-PLUS V2, RS97 V3.0 - LDK Vertical -...
  4. Dave C

    Wolfenstein 3D on the RS-97

    The classic FPS Wolfenstein 3D running on the RS-97 handheld as voted for on Twitter at You can find out more about the RS-97 and RS-07 Arcade at