sd card

  1. M

    My PC doesn't recognize the SD card

    My PC doesn't recognize the SD card (the partition is shown, although). I tried it with Windows 10 and Linux. No luck. I used a tool called Diskgenius in Windows and I got this message: Read Sector Error! Disk: RD2:MassStorageDevice(7GB) From Sector: 0. 2 Sector(s) Total. (Err:0) Read Sector...
  2. Reisinger1

    Max. SD Card-Size (where all the ROMS are stored) on the RG350M?

    Hi! I‘m New here, and i have a question about the RG350M: It has 2 SD card slots. One for the system (max. 128 GB) and a second larger one (max. 256 GB) - and on second larger Slot where i can save all the ROM’s. Is this right? Or what is the maximum size (GB) of the SD card (where I can...

    RG300 (IPS) Version. DC Card capacity and ROM storage

    Afternoon All, Can I ask what is the maximum capacity of SD card that can be used in a RG300 (IPS)? I only have a spare 128GB and I want to use it for the firmware and all the ROMs. Thanks D
  4. Dave C

    Recalbox 6.1.1-Dragonblaze for GPi

    You can download Recalbox 6.1 Beta 4 (pre-release) for GPi from How to install a Micro SD Card image guide can be found at
  5. B

    Lost sd card

    I have a W8 pro with two sd card slots, and the micro SD card in the top slot has gone right inside - I can hear it rattling about. Now have only the bottom slot functional. Mentioned this to a friend who has the same box and he said the same thing happened to him. Design fault?? Any...
  6. ChrisM

    AlexELEC Thread

    Not in any way an official DroidBOX thread. This is for the tweakers/experimenters. Interesting info from @Bar here regarding a LibreELEC/OpenELEC like OS for some Amlogic powered devices - AlexELEC site is in Russian, use Google Translate/your browser's autotranslate. Downloads linked to...
  7. A

    Sd card on gpd XD

    I love my play on handheld but going away next month and want to download some films for going away I've got an amazon account and an sd card in and want the films to go on to the sd card. I've got the app and there's no send to sd card option