1. djfatboyrob

    Showbox APK

    Hi all I'm looking for a working Showbox APK. Can you point me in the right direction please? Much appreciated
  2. N

    showbox controls missing using the T8 remote

    Picture and sound quality excellent on Showbox through the droidbox T8, but I cannot get the popup control bar when watching a movie or use the pause button on the controller. So no pause rewind etc. The remote is the one that comes with the droidbox and works fine for everything else. I also...
  3. P

    Showbox playing movies sideways on my TV

    Showbox is playing movies sideways on my TV
  4. P

    Ad-Free Showbox

    Hello I had my T8-S Plus replaced following some issues and having re-installed everything I now notice showbox has annoying adds. One pop up on the main opening screen where you can scroll through movies and every time you click on a movie you get an annoying add you have to click the X in the...
  5. G

    Showbox, video cannot be played

    I get getting message "sorry video cannot be played" some evenings i get to watch one episode of a show then when i try to watch the next i get this message. If i then try to watch a movie get same message. Tried turning off and rebooting. Any ideas please.