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  1. M

    GPD Win 2 will not boot - Stuck on Shell menu/No keyboard

    Hi, So I updated windows today, and during the restart process, my GPD Win2 came up with an error message saying that it would attempt to repair. Upon reboot, the Win2 will not boot and is stuck on the Shell screen. (It goes throught the scanning of fs0, fs1,fs2,blk0,blk1,blk2,blk3,blk 4 - Then...

    My GPD Win 2 review

    Here is my review of the GPD Win 2 which I purchased at The case of the mini-laptop is made of soft-touch matte plastic. It does not collect fingerprints, so you do not need to worry too much about it getting dirty or...
  3. Dave C

    GPD Win 2 Review

    We have posted a review of the GPD Win 2 at . It is great for gaming and emulators! You can learn more and buy the GPD Win 2 at...