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Adjust Volume?

Discussion in 'BittBoy and Pocket Go Retro Gaming Handheld' started by bit, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. bit

    bit New Member


    I have a Bittboy 3.5 and have installed the custom firmware successfully.

    How do I adjust the volume? I don't have L+R buttons, which seems to be the shortcut?

  2. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    Hold the R and press Up or Down to increase or decrease the volume.

    R+Right Brightness Up
    R+Left Brightness Down
    R+Down Volume Down
    R+Up Volume Up
    R+Start Screenshot
    R+Hold Select Quick Shutdown
  3. bit

    bit New Member

    Thanks, that works.
    I didn't realise 'R' was a button .. I assumed it meant either 'Right' or the L/R buttons that the machine doesn't have.

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