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Discussion in 'W10 (Dualboot Windows & Android)' started by thegazsheard, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. thegazsheard

    thegazsheard Active Member

    Well today I'm the proud owner of the W10! Thanks Cordcutters comp. (Will post a picture at the weekend when I have time).

    I have a couple of questions if any of you W10 owners could help, here goes:

    Firstly has the audio issue been fixed with regards to the USB devices cutting out the audio?

    Has the Windows 10 activation issue been fixed?

    Is the model a W10, W8 or a WII? I ask as there is no model number on the box or the outer box.

    Can Kodi be fully run on the windows 10 side, or is android the better option? I ask as it looks like Krypton is gearing towards Android 5 possibly 6 dependent on further testing.

    Would there be an update on the Android side? Ie is the box future proof to a degree?

    Also is it true android or some sort of emulation a la blue stacks?

    Is my duel boot T8-S the better box regarding the specs? I'm looking at passing one of these off to my old man as I won't need to boxes and know my T8-S is really a great buy and easy to use, or would he be better with the W10?

    Any answers would be great, like I said I'll be setting it up and having a good play this weekend. Still can't believe I won!

    Cheers Droidbox!

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  2. angela

    angela Well-Known Member

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  3. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    1. The audio out with USB only affects the Android operating system.
    2. Windows 10 activation should be fine, but if you do get a notification please contact us at support@droidbox.co.uk
    3. It is a W10 model.
    4. We would recommend using Kodi on the W10. You can install Kodi 17 if you wish but be aware it is an alpha release and some features may be broken. We recommend installing Kodi 16.
    5. We are looking into updates for the Android side. The Windows side will continue being updated as long as Microsoft continue supporting Windows 10.
    6. It is true Android, not emulation
    7. It depends what features you want. The T8-S Plus is better for Android as it is a newer version (5.1) and the W10 is better for Windows.

    I hope that answers all your queries.
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  4. thegazsheard

    thegazsheard Active Member

    Cheers Dave!

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