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apk movie apps not working

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rjb100, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. rjb100

    rjb100 Member

    hi all,
    as an alternative to kodi video addons i have tried some movie apps from my apk installer...........terrarium tv .........teatv..........onemovieshd...........and cinebox.
    these install and open ok but will not play any selected choice.

    i have tried 3 players......vlc.........max player.......and easy player with no success.

  2. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

    Where did you download the APIs from? Do you have the latest versions.
    Both terrarium and teatv have "official" sites so I would try there first. Rawapk is also good.
    Apart from moviehd which has some reported issues (cause unknown) the above play ok on my boxes.
  3. rjb100

    rjb100 Member

    thanks nigelar,
    in kodi 'no limits magic' there is a ''apk installer'' section; i installed from there.
    on each installation i was prompted to update latest version; which i duly did.
  4. rjb100

    rjb100 Member

    i tried terrarium tv from the official site and again from rawapk.

    both resulting in the same as my first attempt.
    as before they installed and opened ok but when i clicked on play nothing happens.
  5. jeffr

    jeffr Member

    RJ HI have you tried apk time I instaled alot from there on my Droid all works well
  6. jeffr

    jeffr Member

    I stoped
    using no limits i had too many headaches with it ....
  7. rjb100

    rjb100 Member

    thanks jeffr
    have you stopped using kodi video addons and using spk time as an alternative.

  8. jeffr

    jeffr Member

    rj hi i use what ever works but mostly kodi
  9. jeffr

    jeffr Member

    apk time is a tool has lots stuff in it
  10. Omarmurphy

    Omarmurphy New Member

    Have you tried with moviebox or not?

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