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Bittboy CFW v1.31 (new version numbering)

Discussion in 'BittBoy, PocketGo & PocketGo v2 Handhelds' started by Dave C, Sep 23, 2019.

  1. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    Find out more and buy the Bittboy at https://droix.net/products/bittboy-v3-5-retro-handheld

    NOTE: We had a few customers asking why the screen backlight is flashing several times every so often. This is a new feature to inform that the battery is at around 10% charge left and to charge it up.

    Custom Firmware Downloads

    You can download the latest firmware at https://github.com/TriForceX/MiyooCFW/wiki/Custom-Firmware-Setup

    Help Guides

    Install Guide for Bittboy at https://droidbox.co.uk/how-to/bittboy-custom-firmware-installation/ and you can identify your model of Bittboy at https://www.droidboxforums.com/threads/bittboy-faq.15489/

    Change Log

    *cfw naming inline with pocketgo v1.3.1
    *New game GNP
    *Added Pocketsnes snes emulator.
    *Changes to rootfs files to save more memory.
    *correct version of bittboy circuitdude added.
    *correct version of bittboy midnightwild added.
    *profiled coleco shortcut to start screen.
    *New game yatka tetris clone.
    *New game xrick 2d platformer.
    *New game hocoslamfy flappy bird clone.
    *Added dingux-msx emulator.
    *Changed back to older release of GPSP GBA emulator.
    *New icons for default Font Grid theme added for the newer releases.
    *New zimage
    Fixes menu so you can press it in Outrun while pressing other keys.
    this means the default shortcuts change changed. they are now
    R+Right Brightness Up
    R+Left Brightness Down
    R+Down Volume Down
    R+Up Volume Up
    R+Start Screenshot
    R+Hold Select Quick Shutdown
    *New miyoo_daemon v0.0.5
    Added screenshot functionality
    "screen shots end up in main/screenshots. the more files in this folder, the slower it will be"

    credits thank's in no particular order.

  2. alberto64674yt

    alberto64674yt New Member

    i need to fresh install or just update? i have the 4.2 cfw the last, but that have new version numbering and im now lost if is better fresh install or just update just draging all folders to my SD
  3. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    Install from fresh as there are changes to rootfs
  4. q3ssem

    q3ssem New Member

    where is the download link ?
  5. alberto64674yt

    alberto64674yt New Member

  6. I can't find the FBA emulator. It was excluded?
  7. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    As far as I know it should be on the latest firmware. You may have deleted the icon by mistake?
  8. It's a bug. I see the changelog.
  9. alberto64674yt

    alberto64674yt New Member

    when new version for bittboy ???
  10. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    The last I read there was a possibility of a universal firmware which will work on all the different Bittboy models. This may take some time and testing so it may be a while longer than usual. We will post any releases on this forum once it is available.
  11. Braxton Bailey

    Braxton Bailey New Member

    I've got the 3.5. After the update mine started vibrating sometimes. Is this normal?
  12. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    It has a small vibration motor inside the console and some of the emulators use it.
  13. Is this the NEWEST firmware atm?
  14. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    For the Biitboy, yes.
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  15. Thanks for info, Dave.
  16. alberto64674yt

    alberto64674yt New Member

    no more updates for almost half a year: C
  17. FelixDmc

    FelixDmc New Member

    ┬┐Responden en espa├▒ol?

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