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Blank screen/Ethernet

Discussion in 'X96 Max' started by Kerjam88, Jan 4, 2020.

  1. Kerjam88

    Kerjam88 New Member

    Hi guys
    I recieved this box 2 days ago.

    I had thin lines popping up reguarly on boot up and on main screen and any app i seem to have sorted this

    BLANK SCREEN: Not Resolved.
    I keep getting blank screen every minite or 2 like a flicker. Fhis is noteable worse on the youtube app. I have tried developer setting change disable hw overlays but doing this i get audio on youtube but no picture so still stuck on this. also every minite or 2 i get the HDR popup on my lg 4k tv although the box on source input is set to standard picture mode.

    ETHERNET: Not Resolved
    I have had trouble with ethernet connection and tried 4 different leads all working in other devices.
    The box works for a minute then it says no ethernet connected. If i unplug and plug back in it still says no ethernet connected. If i reboot the box or turn off and wait for a minite it works for a minute then cuts off again.
  2. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    I think you contacted us via email, if so we will be replying to it shortly with further information.

    For the display issues, this may be if the HDMI cable you are using is an older version. Please use the HDMI cable supplied in the box and this should resolve the issues with the display.

    Regarding the ethernet. If you are using Sky router try the following on your PC/laptop browser

    Type in the browser address bar
    Select Advanced log in
    Use "admin" and "sky" as the log in details
    Select LAN/IP setup
    Scroll down the page until you see "Enable IPv6 on LAN side"
    Untick this option and then click on Apply.
  3. Kerjam88

    Kerjam88 New Member

    I have the h96mini blue android box.
    I have swapped them on the same hdmi/ethernet leads and that works.

    I have also tried it upstairs where the h96mini is and same problem.

    I have tried static ip and makes no difference.

    I have played around with settings and the blank screen appears to be sorted but every few startups i get the lines again so have to reboot to stop it.

    The h96mini appears to be fine when plugged into my main lg 4k with no lines or blank screen and ethernet works fine.

    When i rang up prior to ordering i got told both boxes are basically identicle so i dont get why one works straight out of the box without changing any settings and other one needs loads of adjustments with enthernet still not working
  4. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the information. We will set up a return for the X96 and have a look to see what the issue is. You will get an email soon with the return instructions.
  5. Kerjam88

    Kerjam88 New Member

    Im still having the flickering.
    Im guessing its because the display mode on the android box set to auto. At times it keeps flashing up on HDR icon then other times it jist flickers.
    I have changed from 4k 60hz to 4k 50hz to see if any better otherwise i will just go down to 1080 60hz.
    I have sdr to hdr on
    And hdr to sdr on auto

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