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Jan 24, 2023

I have a CK2, that's frozen up regularly since I've had it. A hard reset every month or so quickly resolved that.

It was unresponsive recently, so I went to do a reset. The power light was on and blue, held in the power button for a few seconds, the device went off. I went to power it back up, but this time no life came back to the unit.

I disconnected the power cable for a minute, reconnected it, the LED light up purple for 4 or 5 seconds before going off, the power button seemed to do nothing still. Several disconnections and tests later, all I can achieve is the temporary purple light when connecting the power cable.

I've disassembled the device and found nothing untoward. Powering up the board outside of the case had the same result.

Does anyone have a breakdown of what the LED colour codes mean? I can't find anything on them.

Any pointing in the right direction would be appreciated



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Jul 14, 2014
United Kingdom
I would suggest you unplug the BIOS Battery, then turn on the device -> This would reset the BIOS and could help bring it back to life.
Otherwise, try removing 1 stick of ram/both sticks and see if it would display anything
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