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New Member
Feb 25, 2015
Just bought a beelink gt king. My question is what are the advantages of using coreelec over kodi. Do I really need coreelec?
The beelink box contains a sd card. Is it preloaded with coreelec. Followed the instructions but just get a start up screen in safe mode.
I cant get back to android unless I take the sd card out and reboot.
Had a previous android box with libreelec preloaded and just had to press a button on the remote when booting up to switch. I never used the libreelec on that one so again why use use libreelec or coreelec?


Staff member
Jun 19, 2019
My understanding of it is that if you're using the GT King for anything other than Kodi, you're better off sticking to Android.
However, if you're using it for EXCLUSIVELY Kodi-based activities, then it'll be worth considering Core/LibreELEC.

Although I haven't really used the *ELEC firmwares, so take that with a grain of salt.
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