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DroidBOX® are happy to announce an OTA Updates for our T8 Mini model!

Discussion in 'T8 Mini' started by ChrisM, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    As with the iMXQpro, to discover more about the changes this firmware update brings (including Remotr and the latest DBMC), and how to grab it, please check http://goo.gl/R90LMv

    dbx_media_cenre_logo_dark[1].png t8miniformagento_11-300x238[1].png DroidBOXOTA-150x150[1].png OTAsupersu[1].png
  2. David Savage

    David Savage Moderator

    After it updates do you need to clear data or just reboot...thanks
  3. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    If you want to keep app's and their data, don't reset.
    If a problem occurs, first solution will be app data reset, if that doesn't help, uninstall/reinstall app, then finally factory reset

    I voted for hoping all would be fine, but if people prefer to start with a fresh system and just install latest version of their preferred apps, rebuild Kodi etc, clear data gives you an excuse.
  4. lordtoran

    lordtoran New Member

    Aaaaand thanks :) I had time to look at my T8 Mini again and got an 1.0.4 update. It finally allows me to mount ext4 formatted drives using USB OTG Helper. Native OTG support would be nice to have though.

    The first-run wizard in Android seems machine-translated when you select German. In case you need a human translator, I’m a freelancer in that field.

    The little problem persists that the OS shuts down but the box does not physically switch off when you select that option in the "reboot" app.

    I'll soon update the other thread I started with some loosely related issues, but now I need to finally set up everything now that my 5 TB ext4 harddisk works in Android. Yay!
  5. Jeff Brooks

    Jeff Brooks New Member

    Has there been any plans to update to the latest LibreElec and Kodi v17 Krypton?
  6. David Savage

    David Savage Moderator

    When there's a stable release of kodi 17.0 krypton and it's been tested for compatibility, im sure DroidBOX will release it. Until then use DBMC 16.3...
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  7. Bollocks77

    Bollocks77 Active Member

    Ok - I aint updated since this one came out as I already have the T8 Mini running Jarvis 16.1. Is this now worth updating? or has anyone found anything not right?
    ALSO - if I do decide to update - do I really need to clear my addons? I only ever use and boot up in OE - so would I really have to do this as I would rather not.
    Hope you all know what I am getting at
  8. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

    The release replaces openelec with librelec and 16.1 kodi. If you are happy with openelec 15.2/16.1 stay where you are although there isn't an official update planned to take openelec forward.
  9. Bollocks77

    Bollocks77 Active Member

    Thanks for that. I was just wondering thats all if its worth now moving on from Jarvis 16.1 to Librelec. I am happy but I am not sure of the actual benefits from updating at the moment unless it was significant.
  10. Bollocks77

    Bollocks77 Active Member

    Hi everyone. Ive decided to update to Librelec so I need to know some advice please.
    Ive read about clearing addons and stuff but seems as though I only ever boot into OE - can I leave well alone and just update?
    GWD likes this.
  11. Bollocks77

    Bollocks77 Active Member

    Also one more question please. Ive adjusted settings on my OE system to run nice with my TV such as frame rate, and other things ETC. Will I have to make a note of them or will these settings which I have changed stay on if I update to Librelec?
  12. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    I'd make a note of the settings, definitely.

    You can use program add-ons to clear Kodi's cache, old packages etc, and they should work in LibreELEC and OpenELEC just fine. That said, if you're not running out of storage space and aren't encountering problems, don't fret about housekeeping too much for now.

    Others will have different opinions, just giving mine :)
  13. Bollocks77

    Bollocks77 Active Member

    Thanks for that. Im fine with storage and stuff and have never had any problems. Ill just jot down my settings. TBH I dont have too many settings to make a note of. Just the usual Frame Rate - Match TV etc. Disable acceleration and just basic stuff which allows my T8 Mini to run spot on.
    Im going to install the oficial update at the weekend - hope its all as smooth as it has been so far.

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