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Droidbox Go Projector & Sky Go & Bluetooth Speaker

Discussion in 'Go (Mini Projector)' started by AndyP, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. AndyP

    AndyP New Member


    Loving the Droidbox Go at the moment, bright crisp display and good battery life.

    I have 2 questions please (there doesn't appear to be a specific forum for the Go, hence posting here);

    1. I have a bluetooth speaker and tried to connect the Droidbox Go to it, but found that the Go does not seem to search for bluetooth devices in the bluetooth settings screen. Is there a way to connect the bluetooth speaker as this would enhance the sound while enabling me to not have to use the jack plug.

    2. I loaded Sky Go onto the Droidbox Go, watched a great advert, only to then be told that Sky Go will not run on rooted devices. Is the Go rooted for any specific reason? I don't need it rooted, and it is a bit of a security issue (albeit minor). Would like an un-rooted option if at all possible. I'm presuming here of course that the Sky Go app will not see the projector as an external HDMI output and it will quite happily work :)

    keep up the great work Droidbox Team!


  2. David Savage

    David Savage Moderator

    Hi Andy, the droidbox go does look cool, as it's a new device you might be worth emailing droidbox or use the live chat on the main site.
    Have you tried putting Showbox, Megbox and moviehd on your device, these are separate apps outside kodi.
  3. AndyP

    AndyP New Member

    thanks David, I hadn't heard of these apps, I'll look for them now :)

    Andy thanks for the advice regarding emailing Droidbox, I'll do that too.
  4. tommpd

    tommpd New Member

    Yes I to have problems connecting any Bluetooth speakers to mine also. I have sent for the one that goes with it from the droidbox site to see if that works. I'll keep you posted.
  5. tommpd

    tommpd New Member

    Forgot to say that it does search for devices by going to the top right hand side of the screen while in settings then in Bluetooth. Mine just isn't picking up any of my speakers
  6. tommpd

    tommpd New Member

    Using two jam plus speakers, one for left and other for right. Droidbox go found them straight away. Working great. Have to say this is a great device. I have a t8 plus with a internal hard drive and just sticking things on to a sd card is a breeze. Loads to watch while on a rainy holiday. Everything legal of course
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  7. AndyP

    AndyP New Member

    as far as the speaker goes, it's sorted, appears the speaker was at fault. Droidbox support (I contacted via email) have been brilliant in responding, so thanks to them, and all here for the replies.

    With regards to the rooting issue and Sky Go, looks like this is an issue that wont be fixed as the Droidboxes require root (according to support).
    Not a problem, as there are some other great apps out there to provide a similar service.

    I still believe this is a great mini projector.
  8. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    @AndyP Thanks for noticing regarding the lack of an area for the Go, I've rectified this omission and moved your thread there.

    Do grab us for a live chat regarding Bluetooth and using a speaker, as the guys in the office have definitely paired them up happily.

    Using the projector should be seen as a built in screen, not an HDMI like output.

    Removing root - not tested if this is enough for Sky, but run the SuperSU application. Click on the Settings area (top right) , and then select Full Unroot. Confirm you're happy to continue. It'll take a little while, reboot. Uninstall SuperSU
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  9. AndyP

    AndyP New Member

    Thanks for this, great that we have an area for the Go now :)

    Looks like it was me that was the problem with the bluetooth speaker (the projected screen was off to the right so I couldn't see the search button - doh!
    All good now with excellent results.

    One problem with installing SuperSU though, it tells me "The SU Binary needs to be updated", I tell it to continue, and it then asks me whether I want normal install or to use TWRP/CWM.

    I tried normal but that fails, is TWRP or CWM installed already on the Go? If so, what key sequence do I hold during startup to access?
    (I'm used to flashing roms etc so I know I need to be careful here).

    thanks again

  10. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    @Dave C Can you assist with this (SuperSU and updating binary on the Go) please?
  11. sean99

    sean99 Well-Known Member

    Hi all just totally agreeing with what AndyP has already stated about this device, what a great piece of hardware!! Am looking at some surround sound device to run with it indoors tho, can someone let me know if a bluetooth soundbar/subwoofer will pair with it. Thanks
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2017
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  12. thepool

    thepool New Member

    Anyone else having problems with "showbox" on the go projector? It downloads and opens but when I close it down it won't open again? What version should I download thanks.and I also agree it's a fantastic piece of kit :)

    Sent from my HUAWEI P8max using DroidBOX Forums mobile app
  13. sean99

    sean99 Well-Known Member

    Hi have had a few different Droidboxes over the years and have watched a hell of a lot of movies on them, never once have I used Showbox to do this and is beyond me that people still waste time with it. Kodi is the place for movies imo. Some streams may be a let down regarding live sport but to watch movies it is bang on. Specto, Exodus, S.A.L.T.S. One242415, Morepower in Phoenix, Jafma, Hd Box, Zen, Pubfilm, Scene Peeper, the list is endless. Kick Showbox in touch!
  14. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

    You might want to try this ad and pop up free version of showbox.
    Delete the old version first. Use chrome to download it, not es file explorer. You will need to navigate to the download folder to install it (which you can use es file explorer for, or the stock file explorer)

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  15. sean99

    sean99 Well-Known Member

    Back to my question Does anyone use this projector with a soundbar???? Cheers
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  16. thepool

    thepool New Member

    My Bluetooth speaker connects great, haven't tried a soundbar yet was thinking of getting one myself but you can connect straight into you surround sound as well:).

    Sent from my HUAWEI P8max using DroidBOX Forums mobile app
  17. sean99

    sean99 Well-Known Member

    Yes I have a Bluetooth speaker connected, will test on my sound bar sometime soon thanks.

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