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Dumb yes/no question - Google Play Movies and Amazon Prime Video?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TimWatts, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. TimWatts

    TimWatts New Member


    Can I ask a simple question:

    Does Droidbox (specifically say T8-S Plus) properly and reliably support and play Google Play Movies (paid for content) and Amazon Prime Video (paid and included)?

    Sorry if that seems dumb. I would expect it to, BUT I saw some random comments elsewhere suggesting otherwise.
    And the Droidbox market app on my android phone lists Youtube[1] and Netflix and BBC iPlayer apps, but not (that I can see) Google Play Movies or Amazon Prime Video.

    [1] Sometimes you can play purchased content via Youtube so...

    I like everything else about Droidbox, but Google Movies and Amazon are a must. Samsung's Smart TV is too slow and erratic (esp with Youtube) so looking for a universal set top box...

    Cheers :)

  2. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

    To my knowledge Amazon prime is not compatible with any android box, including those supplied by droidbox. Can't speak for google movies but a "google" will probably provide the answer.

    That said, i doubt there is anything you would want to see that is not available via kodi.
  3. TimWatts

    TimWatts New Member

    Thanks Nigelar.

    I would be disappointed if an Android TV type box failed to play Google Movies - I have spent some time googling, but no definitive answer either way.
    I have a collection of bought GMs so it is a must have...

    Amazon I can see more likely to not work, though the fact it works on my Android phone suggests it ought to be possible.

    Cheers! Tim
  4. TimWatts

    TimWatts New Member

    After a bit of research, it seems a Chromecast Ultra will be the best for me for now - Amazon, Google and Netflix all covered in 4K.

    I might come back and look at Droidbox for miscellaneous content and Kodi, but my primary content is BBC iPlayer, Google and (trial period) Amazon Prime.
    I was using Netflix until they locked out all the DNS switchers - the UK catalogue is pants. I have no problem in paying to own cloud content and generally have found Google to be quite reasonable.

    The big pity is that Droidbox looks like a sweet piece of hardware and I'd rather have a real remote with alpha keyboard, but until it is a universal box that can actually play everything, it's always going to be a second choice.
  5. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

    As I suggested the issue is not confined to Droidbox but all similar android tv boxes. The inability to run Amazon prime is more to do with Amazon than the Droidboxes technology (a similar issue applies with other media apps like Sky apps like sports and movies, BT sports, virgin anywhere etc). BBC iplayer is available on the t8s plus. I have never found the need to have Amazon prime, Netflix, Google movies or whatever. Everything I need to view is available on my t8s plus in Kodi or in many cases, other native android apps.
  6. TimWatts

    TimWatts New Member

    Can I ask one question: Can you get the 4K and HD content you want (where available)? Legally?

    Generally I have no problem in paying for my content - which means I've invested in quite a moderate Google library, so it it an absolute for me.

    I agree, I am annoyed that all these media services are happy to service "any android phone and tablet" but have these silly restrictions in place for "Android TV". Especially when many of the built in TV smart devices are pants (eg Samsung - sort of works, but slow as hell, and unable to cast youtube reliably - not my network as I have DSL and same content plays perfectly on my Chromebook).

    I wish they'd just say "whatever - it's your problem, if it works, it works".
  7. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

    I would say 4k is limited. More hd 1080 or 720 streams available (although may be some compression for streaming efficiency). Current uk status is that streaming from "unofficial sites" is legal. Downloading and saving is not (though no prosecutions yet). Same for any media that uses p2p techbology.
  8. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator Staff Member

    Just tested Play Movies & TV from the Play Store and they don't allow video playback, sadly. Don't know if it is HDMI output they object to, or rooted devices.

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