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Factory reset

Discussion in 'Q7' started by George Holland, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. George Holland

    George Holland New Member

    I was having problems with box freezing. I was using wookie which I had recently downloaded. I went to reinstall everything and done a factory reset. I now keep getting a message of 'there was a problem parsing package' when I try to open 13.2 apk file. Any ideas?
  2. Qaisir

    Qaisir Active Member

    Hello George,

    The App might be downloaded incompletely or corrupted and you didn't clarify which App is giving such an Error('there was a problem parsing package') .

    If you have Kodi 13.2 apk installed on your device then try to uninstall it and install new version of Kodi(15.2).

    For uninstalling the kodi follow the instructions below:
    1. From Home screen go to Settings (Two cogs)>other>more settings>Apps>Kodi OR,
    2 After clicking on Kodi click on Force Stop and then uninstall Kodi.

    After uninstalling Kodi follow the link below to download new version of Kodi:

    After installing Kodi follow the below video to install Wookie wizard:

    Hope it helps you out.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2016
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  3. George Holland

    George Holland New Member

    Thanks for your help, will give this a try!
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