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Firmware upgrading

Discussion in 'Q7' started by Yamaha, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Yamaha

    Yamaha New Member

    Have one of these boxes that is running on 4.2.2, was looking into upgrading the firmware to the latest (kitkat?).

    The box does seem a little sluggish at times and outputing 1080p 60Hz results in the screen flashing on and off (24Hz is ok).
    Was hoping a newer firmware might breathe some life back into it.
  2. Qaisir

    Qaisir Active Member


    If you using Q7 model then we have not released update for it yet.
    Once we will release the update for Q7 then you can update your device.

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  3. David Savage

    David Savage Moderator

    If your box is running slow it might be because it needs a clean up. Like a computer cache and bits of old files can slow it down. Also if your memory is nearly full on your box, as for the 1080 @ 60hz make sure your TV can take it. Most new TVs can, but older models might only take 1080 @25 and 50hz.
    Try going to setting, other, more setting and storage and check your memory then clear cache. If your memory is nearly full delete some old unused apps. Might be worth clearing data in kodi and re-run the wookie wizard.
    Also what version of kodi do you have...15.2 is the stable one at the moment.

    Good luck.
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  4. Yamaha

    Yamaha New Member

    Ahh so jellybean is the latest firmware for it then?

    I had already cleared out the caches and removed unneeded apps etc, that did help a bit, but it's still slow at times.
    Running kodi 15.2 with manual install since I'm used to running kodi on my htpc anyhow.

    The video output is a bit strange though, only way to get 1080p stable is to run 24Hz and it's hooked up to a 2 year old Sony 3D TV
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  5. David Savage

    David Savage Moderator

    You could try going (in kodi) to system, video, playback and the go on Adjust display refresh rate. As most movies are in 24hz this matches the rate to match the program. There's a slight pausing after you have selected a item to watch.
    Also 24 frames per second is the best for movies and might be worth keeping it set to this...it's up to you.

    Best for luck and enjoy.
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