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For Linux users

Discussion in 'BittBoy, PocketGo & PocketGo v2 Handhelds' started by Luciano Gardim, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. Want to play your Bittboy, but does not use Windows on your computer and can not run the Mini Tool Partition Wizard and Win32 Disk Imager programs?

    Very simple. Instead of Mini Tool, use the default Pen Drive Formatter for your distribution. All of them will own it. Do not forget to choose the FAT32 option (this makes all the difference). Use Gparted to check all after, if necessary.

    Instead of using the Win32 Disk Imager, use Etcher (download at https://www.balena.io/etcher/).

    If you need to increase the space of some partition, use the old and good Gparted.

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  2. cmaciej

    cmaciej New Member

    If you're are GNOME Shell user, just use restore disk image in 'gnome-disk-utility' and resize main partition afterwards, works great! You can easily write image from the console as well just use dd, no etcher needed, just don't confuse device names...

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