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Getting Back To Android From Within A Build

Discussion in 'T8 Mini' started by RobinW, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. RobinW

    RobinW New Member

    Hi Ya everyone, seasons greetings [​IMG]:)

    I wonder if you can help? Ive just bought a T 8mini dual boot from droidbox. If i run LibreElec I have the option on shutdown to return to android..

    I have loaded Wookie Retro, Ares etc to play with and its superfast and im very happy [​IMG]:)

    However on the power options I have no return to android available ....

    Does anyone know how I can add this option, or another way round it as currently the only choice would be re setting Kodi in LibreElec...or in wookie reinstalling Kodi

    Thanks [​IMG]:)
  2. 8bitDev

    8bitDev Active Member Staff Member


    You can either return skin under system>settings>appearance>skin>confluence(default one) or navigate to system>OpenELEC/LibreELEC>system>reboot to android and keep the custom skin in use.

  3. RobinW

    RobinW New Member

    Hi 8bit

    That works "system>settings>appearance>skin>confluence(default one) "

    Now I'm happy... Bit of faffing about but all good. Cheers :)
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  4. sean99

    sean99 Well-Known Member

    I don't think the reboot to android option is available from Programs, LibreElec config anymore, the power menu is now bottom left of the screen using confluence skin. Just hope that changes in any future update as not everyone uses that skin.
  5. angela

    angela Well-Known Member

    Hi, Just setting up T8 mimi, ran the new update like you say no option to reboot to android, but in system in LibreElec config i have two options to clear cache the first one reboots me to android, so it maybe just a wording mistake by the firmware devs and a easy fix.
  6. 8bitDev

    8bitDev Active Member Staff Member


    I can confirm the following,there are two Clear cache messages which one of them(first one)does reboot back to the android.
    We are working on fixing the problem.

    Regards and have a nice day ;)
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  7. sean99

    sean99 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads up Angela I will make my 16.1 build compatible with LibreElec in the near future.
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