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Go V3

Discussion in 'Go series of Mini Projectors' started by sean99, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. sean99

    sean99 Well-Known Member

    Looking for anyone on the forum who has 1 of these, am having major trouble wih mine and would like some pointers. Have restored it 20 times at least after random reboots and freezing and bootloops, battery drainage (had it charged 97% then lost the wifi so another restore was done) leaving me with 2% battery charged??Problems after problems. Just have pia, clean master, speedtest installed, kodi is fine for a couple of hours until it loses wifi and all goes t*ts up. It has very good wifi speeds and I like it but am not restoring constantly. For consistancy the original go was a far better device with none of the problems am having here. Help required!!
  2. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator

    If you're still having problems, drop us an email (I've not got either of the projectors) and I'll make sure the guys in London get assigned to it. They might ask you to try Kodi with just YouTube and iPlayerWWW from the official Kodi repo installed, see if it is the same then.
  3. Ravindra Kurella

    Ravindra Kurella New Member

    Hi, I got my droidbox go v3 today and when i booted it for the first time on battery it was getting struck on "starting android" and on power it was getting struck on Droidbox boot logo. After i did a reset finally it booted but iam seeing a blank screen (no launcher) but battery and top notification bar is only visible. Can someone please share Droidbox Go V3 launcher apk file and let me know how i can load this?

    After another restart now it is stuck on DroidBox boot logo for good. I waited for 15 minutes without any luck, can anyone please help me?
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2017
  4. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

    If it is a brand new box you should contact droidbox support directly for help (contact emsil at bottom of forum)
  5. Hayesy

    Hayesy New Member

    I have just received second replacement droidbox go v3. Which is stuck on the boot logo. After going into Recovery and doing a factory reset it still just loops turning itself off and on. I have emailed you and was told to check the forum and found no help and have been repeating the steps previously mentioned over and over
  6. ChrisM

    ChrisM Administrator

    The reference to checking the forum was probably the automatic reply sent to all messages. Do let them know in an email/phone call/live text chat (phone/text chat office hours Mon-Fri) that the problems have persisted, they'll definitely want to get to the bottom of this as the replacement device will have been tested prior to dispatch.
  7. sean99

    sean99 Well-Known Member

    Will droix ever make this f/w image available for forum members? I see the majority of older boxes purchased from dbx have images readily available to d/l. This projector is now very outdated and well out of warranty.
  8. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    If you need the firmware we can provide it on a one to one basis as we do not have a device to test the firmware on so it is for use at your own risk. If you want it, please email support@droidbox.co.uk with your order number or full name and post code so we can confirm your device.

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