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  1. Tomchap

    Tomchap New Member

    I have recently purchased the RG-350 and I have to say what a great little retro game playing device it is! Love it! Bringing back memories playing some of the older games from back in the day.

    What would be the icing on the cake would be if the HDMI out port worked as is should.

    I cannot get it to work, anyone else know of a way to get it working? I have read over the internet the port isn't working yet. Are there any plans for it to be working anytime soon? Any firmware which enables this.

    This would be great if it HDMI port worked.

    Thanks guys, congrats on a great little device.
  2. Dave C

    Dave C Administrator Staff Member

    The HDMI output is not working as yet. Apparently the manufacturers are working on it but they have not given any dates etc.
  3. Tomchap

    Tomchap New Member

    That’s a shame, would round off this little system nicely. Other than that I’m loving it so far.

    Does seem strange the port is there but it wasn’t activated from manufacture.

    Appreciate the update
  4. Reaper1984

    Reaper1984 New Member


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