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help pocketgo2 v2

Discussion in 'PocketGo v2' started by retrogamerfan, Sep 11, 2020.

  1. retrogamerfan

    retrogamerfan Member

    1) Can I put all the roms, isos, ports, games, apps, rogue update files on the slot 2 microsd card?

    2)I saved all the roms, emulators, games, apps, rogue update files on the microsd card in slot 2 but I install picodrive and other emulators and they don't appear in the firmware emulators list

    3) i removed the emulators section rogue firmware, how do i recover it? I'm using pocketgo 2
  2. retrogamerfan

    retrogamerfan Member

  3. VikramDroix

    VikramDroix Administrator Staff Member

    I can't help you with anything regarding Rogue firmware because I've never used it. But yes, you can load apps/games/etc. on the slot 2 microSD card on the stock firmware at the very least.

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