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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by crow812, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. crow812

    crow812 New Member

    Can someone please help? I purchased some kii boxes for my family and I'm using a new launcher (zenui launcher) and no matter what I do hitting always to factory reset I can't get it to stay as my home screen. if i turn the box off or go to setting it asks to choose again and I hit always
    But does not stay.

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  2. 8bitDev

    8bitDev Active Member Staff Member


    It can be either due to the following app or the box itself.
    Simply test the app(custom launcher)on similar box with the same hardware/os version if possible and see if the behavior is the same.

    Easiest way to see if it is due to your box is try to install some other custom launcher.On our boxes you can change custom launcher and set it up to your likings.


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