Android Gaming Handhelds from DroiX

Dj Blythe

New Member
Apr 17, 2018
Q? now the green check mark flashing went well now what do i do next? ive installed magisk and inside that it shows latest v is v16.0 and below that is magisk not installed with X in red. i hit install and its asking me if i want to install magisk v16.0 zip which i said said download zip only or below is patch boot file? where do i ger the boot file from? and how do i get the green check mark for magisk to install? im stuck. and also 2 boxes one is perserve force encryption is unchecked and Perserve AVB 2.0/ dm-verity is checked? what am im doin wrong? why cany i ROOT my GPD XD PLUS???
Android Gaming Handhelds from DroiX