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How to update to Kodi 17

Discussion in 'T8-S Plus v1' started by patrickyoung, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. patrickyoung

    patrickyoung New Member

    Is it possible to update my Kodi to 17 without doing a fresh install? If so, can anyone tell me how to do this please.
  2. Fritz-69

    Fritz-69 Active Member

    Just run the installer and it will migrate / merge with your existing version. I would suggest doing a backup first to be on the safe side.

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  3. 8bitDev

    8bitDev Active Member Staff Member


    It is possible however i would recommend the fresh install so you could be sure that everything works properly.

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  4. patrickyoung

    patrickyoung New Member

    I'd like to avoid doing a fresh install as I've got my Kodi set up the way I want it and don't want to go through the process all over again.
    When I go to settings in Android and check my apps it says I have Kodi 16.1 RC2
    In the Google Play Store when I search for Kodi it comes up with version 17.0 "Krypton" but it doesn't give me the option to update. I can uninstall or open.
    When I click 'open' it opens my 16.1 version of Kodi. Am I doing something wrong?
  5. Nigelar

    Nigelar Well-Known Member

    You could try the version from the official Kodi.tv and see if that returns a different result.
    But it looks like your Kodi version is so far behind, (there was an official Kodi 16.1 update after rc2) you probably need a clean install. You could back up your Addons and see if a reinstall on the fresh 17 works.
  6. Fritz-69

    Fritz-69 Active Member

    I know from my own experiences that you can just install kodi 17 on top of your previous version.

    As I said previously, do a kodi backup first. Then run the installer. What @Nigelar said is true, but let me say that it worked fine for me with no problems.

    The only thing that might cause problems are unsupported skins and Addons in kodi 17.

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  7. StringyMCFC

    StringyMCFC Member

    Just wondering why you want to upgrade to 17 right now if you have Kodi set up exactly how you want it and if it is working OK?

    If it ain't broke.....
  8. chris kellett

    chris kellett New Member

    Just wait till you try installing a build on 17 thats when all the fun starts
  9. Bollocks77

    Bollocks77 Active Member

    Im going nowhere near it for the time being.
  10. patrickyoung

    patrickyoung New Member

    Ok I bit the bullet and did a fresh install. Also installed a build on it. The box seems to be running a lot slower (especially when booting up) and sometimes freezes so I have to turn it off and then on again. I know that Krypton is supposed to be a step forward, but I'm struggling to see how its better than version 16. Has anyone else taken the leap to Krypton and, if so, what are its big plus points?
  11. Fritz-69

    Fritz-69 Active Member

    It's running fast on my T8-S Plus and T11.

    I like the new interface, wasn't sure to begin with, but it's grown on my now.

    Most of its new features are behind the scenes.

    As I said, I've had no problem with it. I've been running it since RC3.

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  12. 8bitDev

    8bitDev Active Member Staff Member


    You may want to take a look at our blog post

    Kodi is Open/Libre software and being as such it does not deprecate and its not made to do so.You can be even on versions far below than Kodi 16 and do just fine with it.


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